Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Feeling EsPeschelyMelly?

I just love the name of this business... EsPeschelyMelly! If that just isn't unique for a great shoppe name then I don't know what is.

EsPeschelyMelly participated in our May Out Of The Box Sampler. She sent us a cool 100 samples of her signature scented bath salts. When that box arrived here I knew this business had the right formula for success. Her signature scent, which I'm told, came about a little by accident. It's called "Tangouli." You can read more about it in an interview I did with the owner, Melanie on our Get To Know Me page.

She carries a whole line of bath n body products available in the Tangouli scents. You'll find:

Bath Salts

Wrinkle Cream

Extreme Skin Salvation Lotion

and, Body Butters too.

But, she has another product line that doesn't even have to do with bath n body at all. It's Jewelry! Handmade Jewelry!

You'll have to go check out EsPeschelyMelly to see what beautiful works of art she has, but here, I picked my favorite. This is such a gorgeous necklace that I'll be adding to my wish list of things to spoil myself with!

She even has a cool layaway plan, so there's no excuses!

So if your needing a little spoiling, head on over to EsPeschelyMelly, and of course, tell them I sent you!

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