Saturday, December 27, 2008

Just too sweet

I thought you all would like to see our "little guy" that has lost his binky. Isn't he just adorable! His name is Chase and he just turned two.

I know what your thinking, don't say it... he really shouldn't still have his binky, but I'm a softy, he's our fourth and last boy (and no, we're not going to try for a girl) and I just can't seem to say no yet.

For those of you who are wondering why I'm posting about this and you haven't been reading our blog lately, here's the scoop...I was packing all the sampler boxes for December and had them all spread out all over the dining room. Chase decided to toss his binky right into the middle of them. We haven't found it since, so I'm assuming it's in one of the December sampler boxes that were mailed out. So we thought it would be cute to run a contest to win a FREE January box if you found Chase's binky in your December box. It is his favorite one! Don't worry though, no toddlers were harmed in the making of this contest! We have replaced his "lost" binky with a new one!

But, no one has claimed the winning prize yet. I think it may have gone to binky heaven! If you found it in your sampler box, please email us to claim your free box. Of course, we'll need a picture of it to verify that it's the ONE.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Okay, I'm a little behind posting these winning tickets so I hope your still holding onto yours! I think the holidays got the best of me. I'm not even ready for them yet and their already over!! Well at least only one of the holidays is over...New Years here at our house is pretty uneventful. It's also my hubby's birthday, but we never go out for New Years! It's pretty hard to find a babysitter for that night and who wants to watch 4 rowdy boys!!

Well I hope everyone else is enjoying their holiday season! Now off to better things.

We drew 6 winning tickets for full size products this month!Here's the pictures and the winning numbers...

This is a gift set from Willow Lake Scents that contains an 8oz Room Spray, a full size goat's milk soap bar, a big glass jar of bath salts, all scented in scrumptious Cranberry, with a cute little washcloth to top it all off!

The winning number is 2028142!

Next up is a Tropical Breeze scented soy candle from Joyful Designs In Soy, a 6 pack of soy tarts in Christmas Splendor from Soy by Jen and a full size bar of soap from Magick Moon Soap Wurks in Pomegranate.

The winning number is 2028182!

The third giveaway contains a jar candle from Little Mac's Candles scented in Christmas Tree, an 8 oz bottle of lotion from Green Tangerinein Vanilla Sandlewood and a 6 pack of tarts in Christmas Splendor from Soy by Jen.

The winning number is 2028139!

Onto our 4th prize. You'll get a full size bar of Autumn scent soap from The Gourmet Bath Shoppe, a 6 pack of tarts in Christmas splendor from Soy by Jen and 3, 4oz candle tins from Karen's Country Candlesscented in scrumptious White Cake, Eucalyptus Spearmint and Sugar Plum.

The winning number is 2028143!

On we go...Up for grabs next is a decorative candle from Little Mac's Candles scented in Strawberry Kiwi, a dozen doughnut tarts in French Vanilla from Ugly Duckling Designs and a 6 pack of soy tarts in Christmas Splendor from Soy by Jen.

The winning number is 2028131!

Have you won yet? If not, here's your last chance...good luck!

Our last giveaway contains a 6 pack of tarts in Christmas Splendor from Soy by Jen, an 8oz soy candle in Red Clove from Joyful Designs In Soy and a full size bar of pomegranate scented soap from Magick Moon Soap Wurks.

And the last winning number is 2028195!

If you have any of the winning numbers, please email me your winning number and shipping address at

Hope your all enjoying your sampler boxes. Our January boxes go on sale January 16th!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Have you seen my BINKY?

Okay, so we have one more unannounced free box contest! You can win a free January Out Of The Box Sampler


your box contains my son's lost binky(pacifier)!

Yes, you read it right, my son threw his binky over the gate while I had all the bags spread out all over the dining room ready to ship for Monday! It had to have landed in one of the 80 sampler bags! So he'd really like to have his binky back and has been lost without it! (He does have a spare but would prefer his other on)!

If you find it, please email me and then mail it back first class mail (that's the cheapest) to us and we will reward you with a FREE January Box from the Out Of The Box Sampler!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Did you miss out?

All our December holiday sampler boxes have all SOLD OUT! They just went on sale yesterday and were all gone by that night!

Don't fear if you didn't get one this month...we do our boxes every single month for you to enjoy!

January will be here before we know it and you'll need a little "pick me up" for yourself after all the holiday hub bub and ho ho ho's are over!

So don't be a bah humbug...mark the date for January's sampler boxes!


Sign up for our priority notification newsletter so you won't miss them this time.


Monday, December 15, 2008

You Win!

If you purchased November's sampler box from us and did a blog review of your goodies and the
Out Of The Box Sampler, your name was entered into a drawing to win a FREE December Box!!!!

We have a winner....

Heather from
Willow Lake Scents!

You can check out her blog review

Thanks to all of you who did blog reviews about us! We appreciate the "press"! You can read all of the awesome reviews we received

Makes a Great Gift


These boxes are filled with scrumptious samples from our many December contributors. There's a limited supply, so hurry over to our website to get one for you and one for a friend this holiday season!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Raffle Ticket Winnings...

Okay, it's finally here! The picture of the raffle ticket drawing from our November holiday sampler boxes at Out Of The Box Sampler! Congratulations to Kate B. for having the winning numbers! Check this out...

Here's what's in the stash...

A grapevine star with a prim stuffed star on top from Six Peas In A Pod.

A really cute handpainted snowman wooden sign from Bless Your Heart Creations.

A wax dipped snowman in Coconut Dream scent from Ugly Duckling Designs.

A cute pink box filled with gourmet chocolate pretzels from Twist Of Taste.

An 8 oz soy candle in Pumpkin Pie Spice & a huge bag of handmade laundry soap from Metime.

A big jar of the Best Foot Scrub and also Foot Cream from Skin Candy.

A travel tea mug and teas from SBS Teas.

A full size bar of Autumn Soap from The Gourmet Bath Shoppe.

And lastly, a couple big tarts in Vanilla Pumpkin from Angel Made Scents.

I wish I was getting this giveaway! I'd like to thank all of our contributors for sending in these full size products too. Without their support and samples, this box wouldn't be in business!

One more thing... I had drawn 2 raffle tickets because we had so many great products to give away, but the second number was never claimed. I figured everyone had probably tossed their tickets in the can after they didn't win so I didn't want to pull another number. So here's what I decided to do...

I just took all the November box buyers names and put them into a big hat and drew a winner!!!!

And the winner is (drumroll please)


Congratulations for winning the second giveaway! And of course, I've got another picture of your goodies!

Here's what you've won...

A grapevine star with a prim stuffed star on top from Six Peas In A Pod.

A magick tea filter and teas from SBS Teas.

A prim handpainted wooden sign with the cutest saying from the Wizard of Oz on it from Bless Your Heart Creations.

A bag of big pumpkin tarts in Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin from Ugly Duckling Designs.

A cute pink box filled with gourmet chocolate pretzels from Twist Of Taste.

A big bottle of Sunflowers & Sunshine lotion from Skin Candy.

A full size bar of Autumn Soap from The Gourmet Bath Shoppe.

A Wax dipped fabric pear from Melissa's Specialty Soap & Primitive Wicks.

A beautiful candle in Cucumber Mulberry Twist from Karen's Country Candles.

A couple big tarts in Vanilla Pumpkin from Angel Made Scents.

And finally, a big bar of Cotton Candy Soap from Metime.

Okay, that's it for now. We'll be having another raffle ticket drawing in our December Sampler Boxes that go on sale MONDAY, DECEMBER 15TH!

So stay tuned for your chance to win!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Look What's Comin' Your Way...

So the gang's all here and waiting to make your holiday season special with all the incredibly scrumptious, deliciously pleasant, and seasonably wonderful samples they've all sent in for you to enjoy!!!



That's the date you'll want to run to the

Out Of The Box Sampler

to buy your holiday box! Whether your "gifting" yourself this holiday season or "spoiling" a friend with one of our boxes, your gonna want to get there early! There's always a limited supply and I'm sure we're going to sell out quickly this month!

Have you read the awesome reviews our boxes are getting? Check out our TESTIMONIAL'S page and our MEET THE PRESS page to read why everyone's talking about us!

And check out this lineup of businesses that will be in December's boxes! Do you REALLY want to miss this one?

Strawberry Fields Candles
Angel Made Scents
Ugly Duckling Designs
M D Candles
BlueRose Candles
Joyful Designs in Soy
Tishomingo Candle & Soap Co.
Country Heart Blends
Christmas Queen
Bath Artisan Soaps
Babee Rockz
Magick Moon Soap Wurks
Green Tangerine
Mookie Doodle
Sweet Lollipop Shop
The Lighted Path
Boy Frog
The Boho Birdy
Teton Cocoa Company
Karen's Country Candles
Little Mac's Candles
The Pig and The Peacock
The Hen House Shop
Natural Goodies
Body Lux
The Couture Baby
Unicorn Kids Studio
Groovy Cookies
Park Avenue Creations
Mattie Reid Chicago
Lorains Touch
Bare It All Naturals
Willow Lake Scents
Soy By Jen 75
Maine Naturally

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