Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Age Before Beauty Marketplace and more!

On the look out for some wonderful hand mades and dont have the time to search all over the web for them? Then look no further! The wonderful artists at AB4B or Age Before Beauty are here to help you find allllllllllllllll the hand made goodies you need!

Ab4b was started as an ebay group a few years back. Since then the group has grown and changed and evolved and now has so much to offer the crafter and craft lover!
Now you can find these artists on ebay, etsy and their very own marketplace!

This wonderful basket was created by Designs by Guka. You can find it at http://ab4bmarketplace.blogspot.com

Looking for a place to make some new friends? Why not head on over to http://www.ageb4beauty.proboards.com and be part of their brand new community! You can meet all the artists like Country Squire Primitives who made the fabulous pumpkin above.

Ab4b is ran by the wonderfully talented and oh so sweet Sandi of Shweet Potato Dolls n Patterns. Look at those fabulous turkeys she made! You can find Sandi and all of the artists at
Etsy~ search ab4bteam **Make sure to stop by for $5 Fridays!
Ebay~ search ab4b
Facebook~ search Age*Before*Beauty

The marketplace has 2 releases one of the first of the month, the other on the 15th.
Make sure to sign up for their newsletter, they are constantly giving goodies away! Or stop by their blog and see what the artists are up to day to day

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fantastic Friday Finds :)

Ok, so like i received my OOTBS box this month and WOW!! there is a lot of really neat things in there. It was really hard to choose who to write about 1st, so i closed my eyes and picked up....
This wonderful smelling , lightly lather , rinses off with no sticky leftovers and a soft pleasing scent of "spiced green apple."
the smell of the tea light was a gentle relaxing but had the right amount of strength to it, you just want to hold it and sniff!!!
The lotion is a perfect size to carry in you bag, purse, when ever you may need a bit of lotion. Now that the weather is getting chilly and are hands become dry in these winter months, well

 has the solution for you. Stop by and check out the other wonderful products they have to offer, but for a few more minutes i will be smelling my tea light :)  A wonderful reminder of warmer weather  during these cold months. When you stop by and say hi,  tell her Kim from OOTBS Team sent you :)
Next in this adventure is.....
I never knew you could make a plain old bottle cap into something so cute, whimsy and fun! This is a necklace and it is the charm part, all you need is whatever you would like for the "necklace" part and wham, there ya go a cute piece of jewelry:)

This shop also makes some wonderful jewelry. These two items caught my eye :) the bracelet has such wonderful fall colors, that it would make a beautiful piece to your fall wardrobe. The earrings also would be perfect any time of year, but stunning in this beautiful fall weather. So pop on over to
Be the talk of what goodies you have found! When you pop over tell them Kim from OOTBS team sent you.  :D 
And now for some Love Spell........
this next paragraph came from her site:
"My soy wax tarts are 100% Soy Wax - I use soy color chips to for color to keep the tarts 100 % Soy Wax. Not every scent is colored, and colors can vary depending on the strength of the dye chips. Every tart is triple scented with high quality fragrance oils and will last approximately 12 burn hours."
Her tarts that she sent in to OOTBS Team is sooo  amazing! it is not as strong as the other named brand of "Love Spell" that we all have heard about, but a very pleasing, calm scent. They have also sent in "bubblelicious" tart and it smells just like fruit striped bubble gum!!!   I love these softer scents and the ones that bring back memories :D
unfortunately I do not have pictures :( but they are tarts and tarts can be tarts.  they just smell so good :D
“Proudly participating in the Out Of The Box Sampler!” Check us out for incredible businesses that feature handmade products at www.outoftheboxsampler.com  "

so please check her shop every now and then and tell her that Kim from OOTBS Team sent you over :D 
Now as for me I am going to back in my little big OOTBS box.and drink some homemade harvest blend coffee from:

So tonight i will be drinking my coffee & sniffing  my box with all the wonderful things in it.
If you would like to purchase a box stop by the wonderful OOTBS Team at:
Go to the contact page on upper right , and also nose around the site, get to know this wonderful team by clicking on the sidebar links on the left side.
Remember the boxes fly out of here really quick, so grab them while you can :)
Till next time.....   have a wonderful night :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SOOOOOO smooth!

Om Basics is more than a bath and a body website. Its is a site for bath, body,mind and soul! Om Basics began a little more than 5 years ago as a place to find hand made soaps and is now offering soaps, lotions,candles, dog care items and even yoga!
Om Basics Products are Infused with Loving Reiki Energy & Healing Lavender Essential Oil. Reiki, is hands on healing. Rei can be translated as “Higher Power" and Ki translated is "life force energy".
So Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy”. Om Basics believes that if you would not ingest a product into your body,you should not be applying it to your skin either!

In the October box I received a sample of the Brown Sugar Exfoliant with essential oils in the pumpkin scent. I cant begin to tell you how after only 1 USE, 1 USE! that my skin is so incredibly soft and smooth and smells wonderful!
You can find Om Basics at http://www.ombasics.com.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Uncommon Scents for Uncommon People

We always open our Out of the Box Sampler boxes together, my girls and I. Its fun to see whats in there to start with, then fun to "fight "over who gets what. As soon as I saw the little black box from The Goth Rosary, I KNEW the almost 16 year old would fight to the death for it! LOL!
The packaging, the name, the fantastic slogan... she was hooked! and I knew I would be visiting the website soon for Christmas gifts!
The Goth Rosary http://www.gothrosary.com carries Rosaries of course, but also some other finely made bracelets, anklets, and some of the coolest chokers! The prices are more than fair for the workmanship and the quality of the supplies used.

One of my favorite finds was the Strongly Scented Liquid Perfumes. These perfumes are traditional old fashioned perfumes. A little dab will do ya! They are very strong and long lasting, making your money go a long way! In addition they are unisex~ I love this! A scent you and the significant other in your life can share! They come in traditional glass bottles in 21 incredible scents and are $35.00 each

We received a set of 3 of these wonderfully original sample vials. They are wonderful! We were all hooked on the Dead on Chocolate... it smells so much like chocolate, you may try and nibble your arm off! My personal favorite was Tea and Sympathy, while the 15 year old loved Cant Wait Demeter! You can try all of these and more in the October special for only $53. 82!!!
It may be a lil bit unconventional for some, but the fragrances are unforgettable, unique and out of the box! Isnt that how we all wanna be?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Polka Dot Pig

I am a primitive lover at heart. So, when I came across the Polka Dot Pig on facebook, I was HOOKED!

The picture above and below, were listed on facebook, and I had to investigate further! The workmanship of these hand painted goodies is amazing!

Julie Miller, owner of Polka Dot Pig loves to go to flea markets and garage sales to find some of my favorite things... things that are covered in rust n' dust! She brings them home and gives them a new life with a little paint and a lot of love.
Not only does Julie paint, but she also sews! You can find so many wonderful hand crafted dolls, ornies and seasonal items on her website

This is one of my favorite dolls she does! The queen of junk! A fabulous doll, but also a few little extras added on for the extra touch! These dolls and so many other are available on the website, and are also offered as pattern~ but please make sure to mention Polka Dot Pig as the designer.

For the past few months, since finding the Polka Dot Pig, Julie and and her daughter Brittini have been doing show after show! Would you not just RUN to a booth that looks like this???

In her spare time(lol) Julie also has a couple booths at local shoppes. Looks like you can find a little bit of everything a prim girl needs all in one shop!

You can find the Polka Dot Pig and all its prim wonderful-ness at
or on facebook under Polka Dot Pig Primitives
She is also featured in the latest issue of Create n Decorate! Pick up a copy and learn all about the hard working Julie Miller and her family, of hubby, kids, dogs, and dollies!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Freenzy :)

HI everyone!!  
Hope you all had a WONDERFUL week :)  This lovely Fall weather, crisp morning air...   mmmmm  what not to like about fall.??
Well to start off this weekend I was going thru my love link tabs on my sight  and came across some wonderful shops. 
There were and are so many that i have enough to blog about for a long time :) So you never know when it will be your turn, so keep checking back and watching for what LipSmackinCreations finds :)
 Check out these gorgeous soaps from:
 They have wonderful flavors to choose from, what caught my eye is the fact that they are made with olive oil and olive butter soap. They just sound so creamy and good for your skin. I cant wait to try some of her goodies especially these ones. They also have kool-aide soap!! What a fun idea, and it is sure to make any bath time fun, who can resist "kool-aide" and "kissy face", and "pucker-up" just to name a few :)  
Make your bath /shower time fun and stop by:
 Tell then that Kim sent you over from Out of the Box Sampler team.

Well Well Well, What do we have here?
 check out what Ayala Novelties has to offer in her shop :)
These are the most adorable booties i have seen. They also have boys too, but these are the ones that caught my eye!  Can you imagine giving something like this for a gift?  You will be the one who gave some thought into a gift of homemade :)
How cute to have some roller skates, or mary janes, and even uggs as a part of the little one wardrobe! This shop has matching booties and a hat set too.
Stop by Ayala Novelties at :
Start your shopping now with these exciting gifts and be sure to tell her Kim sent you over from OOTBS team


And now some very captivating drawings from :
Brownie Man
These whimsical drawings are sure to captivate you as well.
CAn you imagine a childs nursery or room with a few of these wonderful pictures hanging on the walls? Such time has been put into these and you can really feel the art work. 


This little dragon is just so adorable and cuddly, such a soft feeling when you look at the work.

 This is the opening page on this shop and i totally agree!

"A magical place where the imagination soars. This whimsical shop features the artwork of James Browne. Items that will be available for sale include original watercolors, limited edition prints, ACEOs, figurines, books and anything magical. Enjoy!"
 So why not imagine, soar, go for the beauty of a child's mind. 
Visit this shop and feel the magical place, once you do you will want some of James Browns art!! So stop by and visit this magical land of art :)

Lots of things to see, tell them Kim from Out of the Box Sampler Team sent you.

I hope you enjoyed these shops as much as I do. I love finding new and exciting things, the hand made world of goodies is out there, sometimes you just have to take the time to shop. Imagine the money and time you will save on gas, food, running here and there when you shop from the handmade community ? You will get interesting , made with love products! I can't wait to get my shopping started with some of these amazing shops :) So stop by & shop by  handmade. Don't forget that you can purchase a sampler box of many different handmade items from:
So stop by there today and get your sampler box before they are gone!
Enjoy your fall weekend 
from Kim @ LipSmackinCreations 
& a proud member of 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This nest makes your house a home

This is the kind of site my husband hopes I never find lol! From the moment Crows Nest Prim Shoppe pulled up I was in hog heaven! There are all kinds of great primitive finds for your home! From soaps,& lighting, to curtains & pottery. If this was an actual brick and mortar store you'd find me spinning with my arms out like a school girl! Here are a few of my favorites

Primitive Berry Table Setting $289.00

Flameless candle lights with beeswax and crushed flowers 8.99 each

I adore these! Star stitched linen hand towels, stained to prim perfection only 7.99
If youre a prim lover~ this is a must stop by site!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dont ya wish computers were scratch n sniff?

Angel Made Scents was a September Think Pink box featured member. As I took a look at their website , the very first thing I read on thier about us page made me a believer
"I have spent a lot of money on candles from stores that would smell when I opened the lid, but when I brought it home and lit the wick there was no scent!!! "
So Christy did something about it, she started a company that had products SHE would like. With fragrances that last!

Angel Made Scents is a small home based business. They started creating thier own candles about 6 years ago, with a beginners kit and now have close to 200 different scents!!!! All of the candles created by Angel Made Scents are tested by friends and family. Their postive feedback guarantees a quailty product
Are these pumpkin tarts not adorable? You can choose from everthing from frosted pumpkin to pumpkin nog! Set of 4 available for $4.25

Bath and Body products like the Chocolate Amber cold process soap above to hand and body lotions,soap treats and hand soap are also available.

Soap for your Duds~ cool name, cool product, for both you AND the enviroment! 100% Vegan free from cholorine ,dyes, enzymes and optical brighteners, its perfect for your clothes, linens even diapers! Tons of scents to choose from and this month they are running a fabulous special
if you buy the scent of the month, the yummy Pumpkin Crumb Cupcake, you get:

and all for $16

OOOH Boy! I am so excited about this product~ carpet freshener! I dont know about you all but I get tired of the same boring scent you get from deptartment stores. Now you can choose from TONS of scents... chunky monkey, apple cinnamon.... snickerdoodle buttercream... oh wow! You may try to snack on your carpet it will be smelling so good!

I am always on the look out for room sprays. I can never find one that lasts~ but my search is over!Look what they say about it
from the Angel Made Scents website~

This stuff is AMAZING!! SERIOUSLY ask anyone who has tried it!!!
You can spray everything!!
Even in your vehicle!

Mist your bathroom - It's remain fresh for DAYS!! SERIOUSLY!
Mist your shower or tub in between uses.
Mist your sheets in the morning to keep them smelling really great until your next changing.

The Babies Room - changing stations - diaper pails - floors - bedding too! It safe!

The uses for this spray are endless!!! (a little goes along way)

Eeven with 200 scents available they are still adding new ones!
Look at all of their NEW scents!

Vanilla Frosted Graham Crackers
*Bear Claw *
Cinnamon Bread Pudding
*Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Dont miss out on the scent of the month~
Pumpkin Crumb Cupcake!
The aroma of creamy pumpkin pie filling with rich eagle brand milk; surrounded with freshly baked yellow cake, melted butter, pecans, and hints of spice

Now~ dont you wish you could sniff you screen????

Monday, October 4, 2010

Look what's raining down on OOTBS team :)

Well to start off the wonderful day is a cute little shop called:

In September's sample box, I received the cutest little wooden heart magnet form this shop :)
They have a variety of wonderful magnets in the shop, kids of all ages love to have their art work, important papers, ect... displayed so grab some magnet with style!!
  It is delicate but strong, cute but simple, and sometimes the simplest of things add beauty. This is on my refrigerator holding up some lovely art work done by a little one :)
 Check out all the other wonders this little shop has, for those of you who are in need of something unique, handmade and one of a kind stop by 

What a great way to express the care you took in finding that "perfect" gift  for someone with a handmade tag attached! This is a wonderful simple but thoughtful way to "tag" your gifts. 
This shop has a nice variety of tags to choose from.
Need a special card?
Want to brighten someones day? Share a smile, laugh or catch up?
the pink dillo has cards to go, from mini to regular size. And i see they do custom orders! 
Jazz up your next invite by using 
Stop by this shop and tell them Kim from OOTBS sent you!!
Next on our tour is.....
When you enter this rustic primitive sight you will be amazed at all the goodies they have to offer!
On the Left side bar is so many goodies to choose from, you won't want to leave this shop! 
They have the cake candles and if you are someone who loves the old country look feel, and smell of a country comfort home here it is. 
The variety of things in this shop is amazing and you will sure to find something for anyone here!


This shop has got it all the way from grubbie, dipped, melted, handcrafted one of a kind ornaments. Check out these hand crafted pine cones, for the Christmas ornament collector this is a great one to have. Ornaments are a great gift to give to anyone on your list.
 And who says the Christmas smell and feel have to leave when the holiday is over? I keep a mixture of this around my home all year!! What a great way to remember that a giving time is not just  at Christmas but everyday! Everyone seems to love this , they will pick things up and smell them. So freshen up your country home with love and sprinkle some of this around in a dish. Add as candle in the middle and wow you have got a great centerpiece!!
Stop -n- shop at :
Start now before the rush hits, and be sure to tell them Kim form OOTBS team sent you  :)

And now for a warm relaxing cup of tea /coffee!
check out:

 Long drive?  Coffee getting cold, plug it in! 
  Never again will u have to worry about it getting cold at the last drop! Check out the many accessories they have.
They also have a variety of delicious teas, coffees, hot chocolates and gift packs as well. You can grab a variety of mixes to try out and see what your favorite is.   
Great for gifts, do you remember your 1st tea set when you were little? Well you can share the joy with a little one with a tea set from:

They have a child's tea set ,and some tea to go along with it ! Now you and your little one can relax with a good book and drinking tea. What a wonderful day it can be with some tea :)

Now looking at this shop is making me want more coffee! So i must go brew a pot :)
So grab something warm and shop around! Get those gifts out of the way and enjoy shopping, but first you must buy for yourself some goodies from:
So you can put up your feet in a nice warm cozy home, drinking a nice cozy warm cup of coffee, and visit the handmade community and SHOP!!

When people start to complain about the shopping ,just think you are already on it and no STRESS :)  
Visit the shops above and tell them that Kim from OOTBS team said Hi:)

Go ahead and order a sampler box from :
you'll be pleasantly surprised at all the goodies you will receive in one lovely box,
I know I am :)

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