Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Join in the Easter Egg Hunt

2 Crazy Chics and their sponsors are holding our their first Easter Egg Hunt! It's so exciting and you'll have a blast.

Here's how ya play...

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's way!! But, It looks like the Easter Bunny has lost his Easter Eggs.
Can you help him find them?

The Easter Bunny was busy shopping and I guess while he was browsing these
websites he dropped his eggs here and there.

So, we need help finding them or he won't have any eggs to hide for all the little kids on Easter.

Visit each of the websites participating, and search good because the Easter Bunny said he dropped anywhere from 2 - 4 eggs at each website.

Look really really hard because you never know where an egg might be.

CLICK HERE for the list of businesses!



with the exact url/page where each egg is and you will be entered into the Easter Basket drawing...and the prize is way better than a basket full of eggs!
To be entered in the drawing you must find ALL the eggs!

Easter Egg Hunt will run from March 25th at 12pm Central Time
to April 5th. at 12pm Central Time

We will be giving prizes away to 3 Lucky Winners!
All who email with all the correct url's for where the eggs are hidden will be put in a drawing.
We will pick 3 winners on April 6th.

Take a look at what was donated and by who HERE.

(When you enter our Easter Egg Hunt contest it also adds your email address to our 2 cRaZy cHiCs Newsletter.)

Don't forget to EMAIL US
with the exact url/page where each egg is and you will be entered into the Easter Basket drawing...and the prize is way better than a basket full of eggs!
To be entered in the drawing you must find ALL the eggs!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tartaholic Giveaway Winner!


Congratulations! You've won a prim mason jar tart warmer AND a $25.00 gift certificate from


Thanks to everyone who left a comment for your name to be entered into the drawing! Keep checking our blog or better yet, follow us, so you won't miss any of our giveaways.

You just never know what we'll pull out of our hat next.

And one more thing! Our next Out Of The Box Sampler goes on sale APRIL 1ST, and that's no April foolin'.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Check this out... we're giving away a tart warmer and gift certificate... read on for details on how you can win!

These great prizes were sent in from Tartaholic! They are our Sampler box sponsor this month for the March boxes at Out Of The Box Sampler.

If you are a tart-a-holic like the rest of us, then check them out! You'll get straight up plain ole' tarts without all the fringe attachted. They are super strong scented and you'll just be hooked after you've melted them!

I'm a huge fan of their pumpkin cornbread tarts, but don't let me sway your scent preference, they have plenty to choose from:

Riced Crispy Treat

Vanilla Insanity

Pumpkin Raisin Royal

Orange Juice Cake


Lick Me All over

Cafe Mocha

Buttered Maple Oats & Honey

Lemon Meringue Pie

just to name a few

So run over and pick out your favorite tarts! Their having a 15% off your order of $25.00 or more (before shipping) sale! Just email them your order so they can adjust your total, then enjoy the wonderful aromas that will come from your tart burner!


If that's the case, here's the giveaway for you!

We are giving away this wonderfully primitive glass mason jar tart warmer


a $25.00 gift certificate to Tartaholic!

Wanna know how to win? Just leave us a comment here on this blog post! That's it! It's that simple. Then your name will be entered into the drawing for a chance to win!

Please be sure to leave an email address so we'll be able to contact you if your the winner. Winner's name will be drawn on Friday, so check back then and GOOD LUCK!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A lit bit of Adrienne Mason

Adrienne Mason was our box sponsor for the February Out Of The Box Sampler. She sent in the most delicious chocolate covered pretzels (my favorite treat)! So I thought I'd share a few other goodies of hers.

Check out these double dipped caramel chocolate covered pretzels. You'll also find...

oversized turtles


chocolate lollipops

Cho-mellow pops

chocolate covered ritz cracker with peanut butter centers

and if you mouths not watering yet...

Chocolate dipped oreos cookies with m&m's!!!

All items are made to order and ship with 24 hours. Another cool thing I found is that you can order your items in Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate too! Now that's catering to your customers!

If you up for can choose the $2.00 grab bag from Adrienne Mason. You get a few different goodies from her shoppe shipped to you but you won't know what they are till they get there.

It doesn't really matter anyway, because everything I've seen at Adrienne Mason's Shoppe looks incredibly scrumptious!

Don't forget your Easter treats...cause everyone LOVES to get chocolate in their basket!

Got Fizz?

Love this Etsy Shoppe and thought I'd share it with the rest of you! You'll find all your
"pamper yourself needs" at Fizzy Bubbles.

Who doesn't love a great, long soak in the tub with an awesome bath bomb? Well they have the most incredible cupcake bath bombs!

They have a sale going on right now too! Just buy any 3 cupcake bath bombs and get one FREE. Can't beat that offer. And all their bath bombs are loaded with moisturing almond oil.

Or if you'd just like a cute bar of soap to put in your decorative dish, I have found the most original ones out there.

These adorable doughnut soaps are full size and smell just like the real thing. They are made with shea butter and glycerin and come with little sprinkles to top em' off.

Need a couple gifts for the Easter bunny to leave in some baskets? Check this out...

How can you resist these marshmellow bunny soaps! Head on over to Fizzy Bubbles. and take advantage of the cupcake bath bomb sale tonight and get those goodies for your baskets.

Just be sure to tell them that the Out Of The Box Sampler sent you!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

OOTBS Team First Treasury!

Check out this awesome treasury from Etsy! I'm so excited! It is the first treasury for the OOTBS Etsy Team. There are so many awesome members on our team and you can shop their products by typing in OOTBS Team into the search bar at Etsy.

Thanks to Jodi of Luxspa for snagging the treasury for us!

So what are you waiting for...go check it out.

OOTBS Team Treasury

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

LOOK at what March holds in store...

Take a look at these awesome sampler boxes this month!

There's so many new businesses this month and many old favorites too.

The March Sampler boxes are ON SALE NOW and their going so fast. If you want one, you'd better run over to the website quick, before their all gone.

There are 16-17 samples in each March box. This picture is just one of the boxes this month and your box may not contain exactly what is pictured here.

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