Saturday, February 27, 2010

More Then A Lollipop

I just had to share my newest Etsy find with you because it's just too cute and takes lollipop's to a whole new level.
I used to think that a Tootsie Roll Pop was the best thing in the world.  Not only did you get a great tasting lollipop, but you also got the extra tootsie roll center waiting for you in the middle.  Well these little cuties from Baked By Joanna have a little surprise center of their own.

They are made of chocolate cake, buttercream frosting and coated with chocolate.
 Does that not just make your mouth water.
each order consists of one baker's dozen of cake lollipops. So you'll be spoiled with 13 of these goodies instead of 12!

These would be perfect for a classroom treat for your child's birthday or Easter party at school.  The kids will love you and the teacher will love that there's no mess like you get with traditional cupcakes.
So head on over to place your order and be sure to tell them you found them here at the Out Of The Box Sampler.


Soap, Soap, and more Soap!!

I love it when I get time on the computer to just window shop... and for me there is no better place then to window shop on Etsy. I just scrolled to handmade and then entered "OOTBS TEAM" in the search part and what came up was just loveliness. Soap/tart makers always amaze me with their talent on making a simple soap look more then just an ole boring piece of soap. From Chocolate bars to an actual "drink" these Estians definitely work hard to bring you the best for your dollar.

Just look at these yummy... I mean gorgeous soap!!
Chocolate ice cream sandwiches anyone.
This makes me think of a lemon desert.. or those coconut meringues. 

Need more then just 1 or 2 soaps.. check out this great listing
(Also perfect for St. Patty's Day)
Mint anyone!

Now I saved this 1 listing for last.. mainly because when I saw it I could not believe it.  How in the world was this Esty seller able to create such coolness!!!  I will never know since me and soap... not a good thing when it comes to making it lol  But just look at this... 
(My daughter thought I was lying to her when I told her what it was!)
Now this would help me sleep at night peacefully.. the morning would be a struggle tho lol.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

For The Hippie In Us All

I know there's a little hippie inside of me because I love all things 60's and 70's. I'm actually a little bummed that I missed the "Flower Child" years. I definitely was born a little late. Some of my favorite musicians come from that time. Of course, I'm not going to hold anything against the 80's. I loved the "hair band" age too. But there's just something that draws me to the tie dye and peace movement. So I wanted to share a few Etsy finds that I thought might bring a little "love and harmony" into your life.




Wednesday, February 24, 2010

OOTBS Feature for the night... Introducing Made With Love


I took this paragraph from her shops home page because there was no way any words I used could pay justice, "If candy and love make the world go round, here at Made with Love we're doing our part to keep it spinning! Whether in the form of gift baskets, cute chocolate suckers in an assortment of fantastic forms or through luscious golden toffees and creamy yet diabetic-friendly barks, Made with Love prides itself on creating sweets and lollies that taste even more heavenly than they look."

Another Shoppe that I got a sample from and just devoured on the spot before my kids came home from school. My youngest tried some and her eyes went soo wide I ran from her... lol.. Unfortunately she found me and I had to share but how delicious! I love chocolate and pretzels together, and it was decorated beautifully. 



You should definitely go and visit this shoppe.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday, Monday, Monday

the first of a busy week
what to do what to do
a fresh start
a new outlook
when we start the day, 
we need a little something to help get us going
a little jolt in the am

now all i need to decide on is
will this weeks feature be 
or handmade soaps? decide...

OOTBS Feature of the Night.... JodisCraftEmporium

I have personally received a sample (mini facial wipe) from Jodis Craft Emporium in an Out of The Box Sampler. I still have the mini facial wipe and love it. It is the perfect size to wipe my make-up off with. I just put my solution on it and walla. I have washed it many times now and It still has retained it shape! Since I love it I definitely know it will be something that you will as well. Check out these *GREEN* listings of hers and add 1, 2 or as many as you like to your collection... the price is that perfect.

Two Small Elegant Flowers in Lemon Lime

St. Patrick's Day Potholder/Hot Pad

Aren't these just adorable! You can tell she worked long and hard on these beautiful creations!! Don't forget to check her out!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

100th Post Giveaway



I'm so excited that we are celebrating the 100th post on the Out Of The Box Sampler Blog!  I love writing about all the cool finds from the "handmade market" and all the incredible sampler box participants.  And, now we even have 2 ghost writers, Olenka and Fawn, to help provide you with even more shoppes to read about.
So how to celebrate this monumental event, you ask?
Well I think I've come up with something your going to love.  But, your going to have to work for it a little.
I'm going to let you go shopping with MY money!  What can be better then that?
You'll have a $25.00 limit (including shipping) to purchase whatever you want from a shoppe of your choice!!!!
Of course, there are a few rules, so here they are:
You must choose a  business to shop at, that has participated in the Out Of The Box Sampler, in the January or February boxes.  No exceptions.  Each of those month's businesses are all listed on our forum at 2 Crazy Chics. There is one catch, you'll have to join our forum (it's free) and register to be able to view the businesses that you can choose from.  Don't worry, we don't bite and it's a fun place to chat and get to know each other.
Now for the rest of the rules and how you'll enter to win:
You will need to go to our forum and pick the business you would like to shop with, then come back here and tell me who you've choosen and also leave your email address so I'll have a way to notify you if you win.  This is mandatory to enter.
To earn additional entries you can do any of the following:  You must leave a seperate comment for each additional item you do.
Follow this blog

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Sign up for the Sampler Box Newsletter

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That's 8 additional entries you can get if you do all of the above items. Don't forget to leave a seperate comment for each entry. If you have done any of these things already, please leave seperate comments to let me know.
When the winner is picked, I will email you and also the store you've choosen and I'll let them know to send me the bill for your purchases.
This giveaway will end March 1st and one winner will be picked by random, using to pick the winning number from our comments to this post.

Have fun!


OOTBS Feature for the night... Introducing HippiesBath

"Even Hippie's Need a Bath or Shower sometimes"
When you go to
You see all these cool looking body bath products that are not only for adults but for children too!!

Look at these adorable listings for children soap.. I know that my kids love animal shaped soaps, so grab your kids and get to looking!!
(They also come in different colors, see below for more listings)

Are they not some of the cutest things ever!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

OOTBS Feature for the night... Introducing Pastry Girls

When you go onto Pastry girl's Etsy you are engulfed with sweet delicious looking pastries.
Get to know Andrea the owner of Pastry Girls by visiting her etsy.
Here is a little info about her:
"I make all my pastires from scratch, following old family recipes, also recipes I acquired while living and traveling in Europe."

Just look at these scrumptious pastries!!
Why am I om a diet right now?
I just want to order these now and eat them all myself ;)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Chocolate Yumminess!!!

I wish I had them right in front of me... MMMM!!

And then look at these gorgeous chocolate covered Oreos
If I could only grab them from this picture and devour them!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Good Enough to Eat

how delicious do these look? 
i wish i had the patience and 
the know how to make these darling
little clips for my pumpkin.

Nightly Etsy Search

It seems that at night I cannot get away from Etsy! I am always on the lookout for something new... something old... and just something different!

I am in the mood for cute fun soap tonight. I love cool soaps in both bathrooms to wash our hands with (and I will admit even just for looking)!

Check out these cute Soap Chicks Soap from AjSweetSoap
Does that not put you in a springy mood or what!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hippity Hop

I just had to share with you the cutest bunny I found while cruising around Etsy tonight. He is actually made from a gourd. How cool is that! I'm sure he'd love to hop right into your home and find a place among the Easter decorations.

Head over to Pinch Me Boutique and check out all the other bunnies.  There are also baby chicks peeping around as well.

Almost as cute as the Cadbury bunny!


pink anyone?

so in keeping with the hair bow theme, 
i saw this and couldn't help 
but share.  so adorable

something about pink on fresh skin
soft powdery skin.
hope you are all having a glorious wednesday

Hi, New here and excited!

Hi everyone, my name is Olenka and I am delighted to post on the out of the box sampler blog!!  I live in South Florida with my husband and our 3 girls!  I have participated in the OOTBS for about a year now sharing my cards and crafts with everyone.  Not only do I love sending in the samples, but also receiving others samples as well and being blown away by the talent that is out there! I look forward to introducing you to many of them and more that you may or may not have heard about.

So pull up a chair because between me and the other wonderful people who will be posting on this blog as well, we will brighten your day with exciting posts and share with you many talented business's.

I leave you today with a cute tutorial on a ribbon flower found over at Inspirational tips and tutorials

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


hello all you beautiful people!!  

my name is Fawn Wilson
i am a single mother of three beautiful girls
i'm new here at Out of the Box Sampler 
and i am excited to be here 

a little about me:
i'm new at crafting. 
i found my grandmothers sewing machine
in my mothers laundry room and thought right away 
that i would become a seamstress. 
why not, i'm 32 years old. 
never too old to learn new tricks
maybe one day i will venture into sewing 
an actual pattern. i'll let you know how that goes. 

so here at out of the box sampler 
i will be popping in frequently,
almost daily if you can stand it!
i'll be posting about all things cute and handmade.
 things that move me, make me smile. 

feel free to let me know how i'm doing.
if there is something you would like to see featured
or to let us know you love something featured

so who's ready to  have fun?

Monday, February 15, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

As most of you know, I also own a candle business called Ugly Duckling Designs. So today, I'm milling thru all my supplies and racking my brain for some cool St. Patricks Day items I can whip up. In this business, you have to stay a holiday ahead at all times. Which, I must admit, I am never ahead in that department. It seems by the time I come up with the idea's, get them made, and take the pictures, the holiday is over. But I just try to stay optimistic and think, "oh well, I'm ready for next year!"
So I thought I'd browse Etsy to see if I'd be inspired by some of the St. Patrick's day goodies available there. Well I found the coolest item! Check this out.

These are available at Paper Planet. The listing says; "This Earth Light is designed with a cutting of pressed clover carefully mounted on a semi transparent spun silk handmade paper flecked with a bits of gold and silver leaf. A handmade paper wraps the glass candle holder. The pulp for this beautiful paper is harvested from sustainably-grown mulberry trees and Kozo plants. Bits of natural green mango leaves and Kozo strands are embedded throughout."
So if your looking for something unique to decorate with or a gift for that Irish friend who needs a little luck sent their way, this is perfect.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Penny 4 Ur Thoughts

I continue to be amazed by the number of artists and the variety of products that they make. One favorite from this month's sampler box were the handmade cards. You simply must check these out! Go to her website and you too will be amazed!

Inside of the cellophane bag that the cards come in was card confetti, tags and it was sealed with a sparkly red heart sticker. Just the right embellishment.

I especially liked the ribbon the card and stamp added just the right touch. It says "In Love With You yesterday, today, tomorrow, forever." The card itself is textured as it has raised hearts and a very pretty ribbon and it opens at an angle. All of these characteristics lend themselves to this exquisite presentation.  is the place where you'll find what I'm talking about.

These pictures are just a few of the wonderful cards, gift tags, gift bags and gift boxes that are available to purchase. I highly recommend checking this shoppe out. The owner, Parrie, is a sweetheart and has the best customer service around. I know you'll find something you'll love and will want to share with the friends and family in your life.

Stay tuned for more incredible goodies to come your way in future Out Of The Box Samplers. A Penny 4 Ur Thoughts has signed up to contribute every single month in 2010! Thanks, Parrie, we're looking forward to it! So, go make your birthday, anniversary, wedding, baby shower, or even your Christmas list, so you can get all your cards at one time! Happy shopping! 

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