Saturday, February 27, 2010

More Then A Lollipop

I just had to share my newest Etsy find with you because it's just too cute and takes lollipop's to a whole new level.
I used to think that a Tootsie Roll Pop was the best thing in the world.  Not only did you get a great tasting lollipop, but you also got the extra tootsie roll center waiting for you in the middle.  Well these little cuties from Baked By Joanna have a little surprise center of their own.

They are made of chocolate cake, buttercream frosting and coated with chocolate.
 Does that not just make your mouth water.
each order consists of one baker's dozen of cake lollipops. So you'll be spoiled with 13 of these goodies instead of 12!

These would be perfect for a classroom treat for your child's birthday or Easter party at school.  The kids will love you and the teacher will love that there's no mess like you get with traditional cupcakes.
So head on over to place your order and be sure to tell them you found them here at the Out Of The Box Sampler.



The Royal Family said...

I have ordered these they are similar! Amazing!!!

samamfee said...

I gotta get some of these.My daughter teaches and her students will flip-out for these.

Queen Pea said...

so cute!! wowee zowee

Anonymous said...

Oh...those just look so yummy!

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