Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Primitive Baking, Inc.

Okay, prepare yourself for some mouth watering goodies you will just have to order! Primitive Baking, Inc.is our featured blog post this time. I knew they had scrumptious cookies because they sent them in for the Out Of The Box Sampler in February's boxes. They were beautifully decorated in a heart shape and were delicious. However when I went to visit the site further to do this post, I couldn't believe what I found. I had trouble deciding what pictures to use so your going to be treated to a ton of them because they all look incredible!

So here goes...

I'm a fanatic for cinnamon buns and these are the great gooey icing ones that just ooze goodness with every bite. Primitive Baking boosts on their website that their goodies have no trans fat, no artificial flavors, no preservatives and that everything is made from scratch with the freshest ingredients of butter, eggs, cream or milk. Their goods are baked before delivery to guarantee freshness!

Check out this apple pie. Isn't that the flakest and best looking crust you've ever seen? Here's a smidge of what else you'll find at Primitive Baking, Inc.


Molasses Cake


Granola Bars

Rice Crispy Squares

Bliss Bars

and Biscotti too!

If baked goods aren't your thing, then you can also find Caramel Apples, Chocolate Covered Cherries, Truffles and my personal favorite...Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

Abi, the owner offers a couple more great ideas that I want to share with you. If you like to bake also, you can purchase Pantry Mixes from Primitive Baking too. They are gift mixes that you bake at home and they come in cute containers with a kitchen cookie cutter or spoon attached. Gift cards available to upon request. You can find these mixes in

Ginger Snaps

Brownie Mix

Oatmeal Raisin cookie

Chocolate Chuncks Cookies

Almond Scone

and Berries & Creme Scone

And in closing, let me tell you about the custom Iced Cookies that would be wonderful for wedding favors, showers, holidays, birthdays or any other occasion you are celebrating.

Or, if you need a gift and can't decide what to send, pick up a gift certificate! You know they'll love ya for life after that!

A little of Deborah's Magick

Take a look at this Etsy shoppe. It's called Deborah's Candle Magick. If you have candle needs (and you know their not want's, their needs, if your a candle lover like me) then head over and see Deborah. She's the owner of Deborah's Candle Magick.

I found her business when searching for contributors to the Out Of The Box Sampler. So Deborah said "absolutely, I'll send in samples," and I was excited until I actually got her samples in my hand and then was ecstatic! She sent in full size samples for our box buyers. Then, signed up for the next 2 months. She's been getting rave reviews on her products and I can see why!

Deborah carries a full line of candle products including tarts, jars, reed diffusers, pillars and aroma beads!

She carries 59 different scents! I'm sure you'll find something to lure your senses! And if you didn't get your hands on one of her samples from our boxes, you can head over to our newest blog at 2 Crazy Chics to enter an awesome giveaway drawing we're doing that features some of our businesses from the February sampler boxes! Deborah's heart candle pictured here is among them!

You'll find Deborah's Candle Magick in the March, April and May sampler boxes too! Can't wait to see what she sends in this time.

Willow Lake Scents

We're checkin' out Willow Lake Scents today! I just LOVE this business. Heather is the owner and she blows me away with the huge variety of products she carries. Willow Lake Scents has been in the Out Of The Box Sampler for the last few months! It's always a surprise what goodies she'll be sending in for us all to sample.

Check out this gorgeous bag of prim fixins! It's filled with cinnamon sticks, rosehips, putka pods and wonderfully scrumptious scent! You get a full pound and the best part is you can choose 2 different scents if you'd like. Great idea!

Here's a list of some of the things you'll find at Willow Lake Scents:



Soy Tarts

Bath Salts

Aroma Beads

and Lip Scrubs!

Now that's something I had never heard of until Heather sent them in for the sampler boxes!

If you can't decide what you'd like to try, you can always go with a sample pack from Willow Lake Scents. You'll get to pick 5 products out of the 10 they offer! That's a great way to try a lot of their items for just a little cost!

So run over to Willow Lake Scents and pick up your sample pack and more! You won't be disappointed and make sure you tell them that the Out Of The Box Sampler sent you!

One more thing, head over to Heather's blog at Willow Lake Scents Blog! There's always a giveaway going on! Follow her, cause your not going to want to miss a thing she posts! Trust me on this.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Do you have the winning numbers?

I've finally gotten the winning numbers up on our blog! It's been a really long week here and I've been sooooo sick. I apologize for the delay in posting but trust me, this prize is worth it!

And the winning numbers are...2028316

Okay, tell them what they've won...

If you are holding the winning raffle ticket, you will get this awesome FULL SIZE bundt cake electric candle from

Ugly Duckling Designs!!!

This candle comes scented in scrumptious "Sweet Treats." It's made as an electric candle but comes with 6 wicks for burning if you choose. You just have to take out the electric components and light it up!

So if your the winner, just email me at info@outoftheboxsampler.com and let me know. I'll get this prize right out to you!

Don't forget about our other ways to win a FREE March sampler box too. Just go to our NEW Forum at 2 Crazy Chics and post reviews of the cool samples you received in your February boxes from Out Of The Box Sampler. Or, if you have a blog too, just write a blog post about your Feb. sampler box and email me the address and I'll get you entered into the drawing to win.

That's 2 ways to win next months box! So don't wait around here! Get blogging and reviewing!

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