Friday, February 21, 2014

Gammas Soap And Stuff Spotlight

Gammas Soap And Stuff is in our Spotlight here at OOTBS!

Terri, is the owner of Gammas Soap And Stuff and prides herself on creating products for sensitive and problem skin.  

You'll find soaps, exfoliating masks, beauty oils, facial cleansers, body frosting, shower gels and more...all made with premium ingredients!  

You'll find items that are fragrance and color free, and others that have essential oils.

There's a special going on at Gammas Soap And Stuff right now, for a limited time...
Special 6 bars of soap for $20 with $5 shipping......mix and match!

Run, don't walk to Gammas Soap And Stuff to grab Terri's special and some fabulous products!

PS.  You'll find her samples in the Out Of The Box Sampler for March (available March 3rd)

Foodiful Beauty Spotlight

Meet Dana...the owner of Foodiful Beauty!    She's a mom that was left dissatisfied with the "big brand" companies use of harmful ingredients in just about everything.

She was "inspired to create a line of skincare products that would be safe from harmful chemicals and created with all natural ingredients." 

That's how Foodiful Beauty was born!

She was "adamant that the ingredients be food grade- that if any of the products were ingested, aside from not tasting great, children would not experience any adverse health issues."

Dana carries sugar scrubs, body balm, toners, lip balm, bath infuser, eye cream, makeup remover wipes and rose water mists.

Foodiful Beauty has been in the January and February samplers at Out Of The Box Sampler, and they'll be back again for the March boxes.  

Be sure to stop by Dana's shop and check out all the great products you could be using to improve your "organic" way of life!

Also, check out her Facebook Fanpage HERE, so you won't miss a thing!  There's a giveaway going on for the month of over to her website and get enter ♥

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