Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's Simply Divine for Canines

Let me introduce you to Jessica, the owner of Divine Canine. It's always difficult to own your own business with all the obstacles, promoting, orders, customer service issues and everything else that comes your way. But, Jessica has overcome her own obstacles as well. She's blind. And if that's not enough, she has a son with a form of Autism too. But yet she manages to run Divine Canine with ease!

They provide many reasons why you should feed your beloved pet, Divine Canines treats...

*low sodium from our homemade stocks are used

*no refined sugar added, sugar-free treats are available

*gluten-free and wheat-free treats are available

*low-fat treats available

*grain-free treats available

*high protein treats available

*Corn, soy, and dairy free treats are available

*We research when developing treats to make sure only foods that are safe for pet consumption

*We won't sell it to you if it's not good enough for our own furry kids!

*no artificial chemicals or preservatives are used

*We welcome requests for special diets or food substitutions

You'll find some of these yummy treats at Divine Canine.
Lip Smackin Barbecue Beef

Cheese & Liver Combo Biscutes

Natural Peanut Butter Bliss Treats

Gourmet Carob and Peanut Butter Biscotti

Chicken Liver Bait Training Treats

and you'll even find kitty treats too

You'll need to keep your best friends looking and feeling their best too with the Doggy Deodarant's for Fido & Fifi avaiable as fresh dry shampoo and also their shampoo bars which are available in Tea Tree and Peppermint Paw Print scents.

Divine Canine even offers a Treat of the Month Club! Your dog might finally make friends with the mailman when he sees him delivering monthly treats! This club will bring a new flavor of our Divine Canine treats to your doorstep every month, for one year. This club will promise that you always have treats in the cupboard for your pup, and they take the guesswork out of having to look over endless labels at the pet stores for treats that have some nutritional value and have no chemical additives or preservatives. It's just $11.35 a month and that includes shipping! You can get a 15% off discount if you pay for the whole year in advance also.

So why not pamper your pet from now on with Divine Canine treats. You know they already love you unconditionally, so show them you love them back by only giving them the best!

Divine Canine provided samples for the August Out Of The Box Sampler this month. If you missed them, they'll be back again in September. So look for them there!

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