Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jane Marie Foods Goody Giveaway

Jane Marie Foods is having a giveaway you are not going to want to miss!

Love baked goods?  Especially the homemade kind?  I'm all about the sweet things in life and I have a weakness for all things baked to perfection!

That's exactly what you'll get with Jane Marie Foods....baked to perfection, goodies!

Up for grabs with this giveaway are 4 small  sampler box sized, deliciously scrumptious loaves:

Pineapple Coconut


Dark Chocolate Pumpkin

Coffee Cake!

These sample size mini loaves (3" wide x 5 3/4" long x 2" deep) will definitely leave you wanting more from Jane Marie Foods!

Retail Value:  $19.96
Giveaway End Date:  November 2, 2012
Number of Winners: 1
Open To:  US Residents only

*Giveaway is the sole responsibility of Jane Marie Foods and is no way affiliated with Out Of The Box Sampler

Candle-loupe's 100 "Likes" Giveaway

Candle-loupe is having a giveaway on their facebook fanpage!

It's simple to enter....just simply "like" their page, HERE!  Can't be any easier than that!

They are giving away a three pack of 4oz candle tins in your choice of fragrances!

Retail Value:  $12.00
Giveaway end date:  Whenever they reach 100 "likes"
Number of Winners:  1
Open To:  US Residents only

Good Luck!

*giveaway is the sole responsibility of Candle-loupe and is not affiliated with Out Of The Box Sampler.

Retro Rockabilly Shoppe's Orange Twist Giveaway

Are you ready for the "Give Your Holidays a TWIST" giveaway?

Well, Retro Rockabilly Shoppe is giving away their "filled to the top", "Orange Twist" premium domed soap bar...that is literally FILLED to the top with an all natural scrumptious body scrub!

Who doesn't love a body scrub?  I'm literally addicted and won't get in the shower with it!

There are additionals ways to win this giveaway too:
If you are one of the FIRST 9 (Retro Rockabilly's favorite number) to make ANY purchase via their shoppe, you will AUTOMATICALLY receive 25 EXTRA entreis...making your chance at winning much higher!!!

Retail Value:  $12.00 each
Giveaway end date:  December 1, 2012
Number of Winners: 3
Open To:  US Residents only

Good Luck!

Sugar Scrub 4 U Giveaway

Sugar Scrub 4 U has a fantastic giveaway going on!  
It's your chance to win a 20oz Sugar Scrub, or a 10oz Sugar Scrub!

Retail Value: $20 and $12
Giveaway Ends: October 31, 2012
Number of Winners: 2
Open to:  US Residents only

Good Luck!

*Giveaway is the sole responsibility of Sugar Scrub 4 U and is in no way affiliated with Out Of The Box Sampler

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Retro Rockabilly Shoppe Giveaway

"Well, my story, as the owner, is quite simple...I'm a mother of (3), a wife, a Nurse, & all about health (Especially when I'm able to raise awareness & help those in need!)...but also with a LOVE of Rockabilly & Pin-up Style!
After becoming addicted to Etsy, ha ha ha, I found myself absorbed in finding what "I" thought was the BEST QUALITY products ... that were as natural as can be, but MUST have to meet my expectations & exactly as described... & HAD TO match MY "Style" - that I share with MANY others, but was SO HARD TO FIND!

After so many searches, I found some great products but felt I could use my health care background to make what I KNEW was going to be the BEST fit, not only for myself, but for so many others looking for just the same thing!

Do you LOVE the thought of actually knowing what goes into your products? Do you LOVE that the style fits YOU specifically? Ya like the thought that it's actually used AND approved by a Nurse?

If so, give it a try, I can just about bet that you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! You WILL fall IN LOVE!"
Are you excited for a chance to win a fabulous product from Retro Rockabilly Shoppe?
Well here's your chance.  Up for grabs is their Tropical Rapture Scrub Two Tone Soap Bar!
"This "Tropical Rapture" Suspension Soap Loofah with Scrub & Sparkles will leave you feeling Fresh & Smooth & due to it's ingredients...it can also leave your muscles relaxed, yet your mind refreshed! Also known to help with those rough areas!"
GIVEAWAY END DATE:  October 5, 2012
OPEN TO:  US Residents Only

Good luck!

Aucocisco Naturals Giveaway

"Aucocisco Naturals creates handmade bath, hair, and skincare products at our location on the coast of Maine. Focusing on the simplicity, effectiveness, and beauty of all-natural ingredients, we work with the best suppliers to create our unique products - some of which are sourced directly from our coastal communities."

"Our goal is to celebrate your natural beauty with products that do not contain unnecessary synthetic ingredients."
Today, they are giving you a chance to win their "Maine Salve"
This salve is made of golden beeswax from Whitefield, Maine and blended with plant oils and butters to create a nourishing, skin calming salve.  Perfect for maintaining healthy skin and soothes skin that is damaged or burned. 
Free of petroleum, chemicals, or synthetic preservatives, Maine Salve is good for babies, children, and sensitive skin.
This four ounce tin container will last quite awhile, as just a little goes a long way with this blend.  Lightly scented with a skin-safe essential oil blend too.
OPEN TO:  US and Canadian Residents

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"Think PInk" OOTBS Giveaway

Every year, here at the Out Of The Box Sampler, we theme our September samplers to promote Breast Cancer Awareness.  We donate a portion of our proceeds to finding a cure.  This year, with the help of our customers, who purchase a sampler, we will be donating to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation!

This is my favorite sampler box each year.  It comes stuffed with fabulous handmade products, from incredible companies, all over the web!  These companies are dedicated to sending in their best samples. 

This year's September samplers will be huge!  We have over 80 companies signed up to join us! 

 We do a bodaciously bigger sampler box,  that contain a sample from every single company that sent in products to be included that month. 

  This giveaway will have one of those boxes in it!

Not only that... the winner, of this giveaway,  will also get a t-shirt that says:
"I wear pink in honor of saving 2nd base!"

And... a pink ribbon canvas tote bag too!

A total prize package valued at $120.00!

One winner will be chosen, using Rafflecopter.org, and announced here, September 1st.
Giveaway is open to US residents only.

Before we get to how to enter...
Be sure to mark the date: September 3rd, our Think Pink samplers will go on sale at Out Of The Box Sampler.

In addition to our think pink, we will also have an additional "Golden Ticket" sampler box for September.  That box is dedicated to childhood cancer awareness. 
We will be donating a portion of our proceeds, from that box, to the St. Jude's Hospital!

So spread the word, buy a box or two, and you'll be donating to these wonderful foundations!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Joie Joelle Creations Giveaway

Joie Joelle Creations is having a giveaway on their blog!

Head on over to get all the juicy details on how to enter HERE!

Good Luck ♥

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

South Texas Naturals Giveaway

South Texas Naturals is here with an awesome giveaway!  This is a fabulous soap company with products you will love to get your hands on. 

Here's what Jeanette, the owner has to say on her website:

"Our handcrafted soap is created from a combination of many moisturizing oils such as olive, coconut, rice bran, Avocado, wheat germ and palm oils to just name a few. We blend these oils for a wonderfully smooth and creamy bar of bath soap. Some of the bars have added cocoa butter, shea butter, mango butter or another exotic butter for extra moisturizing.
     Each batch of our soap is handcrafted from scratch using time-honored traditions and techniques. We make our soaps the old fashioned way using the cold process method. This method retains the naturally occurring glycerin, which helps to moisturize your skin."
Up for grabs, with this giveaway, are two bars of their newest soaps:
Handmade Beer Soap:
Scented with a blend of essential oils of Lemon, Pink Grapefruit, Rosemary and Clove
Black Raspberry Vanilla Soap:
Made with goat's milk and scented in a wonderful Black Raspberry Vanilla
But that's not it....you'll also receive a bottle of her Body Lotion in your choice of these fragrances:
Coconut Mango
Warm Vanilla Sugar

Good Luck!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nikki Michele Giveaway

 Come and check out this cute shoppe on Etsy called Nikki Michele!

Every piece is HAND sewn and a one of a kind!

Nikki, the owner, says she loves to make goodies...especially organic goodies...and whenever possible uses organic materials.
 She's a lover of all things shabby chic, and says that creating pieces relaxes her and brings great joy.  She hopes that the pieces she creates, inspires you in a positive way too!

So let's get to the giveaway!

One winner will be chosen using Rafflecopter and will have their choice of an item from either of their two shoppes:


Giveaway is open to US residents only and is valued at $15.00!


Mentone Magic Bath and Body Giveaway

Nestled atop Lookout Mountain, in DeKalb County, Alabama, rests a quaint little hamlet that beckons the weary and those seeking solitude from big city life.  Mentone, it is called, penned for a French town whose name means "musical mountain spring."  Once a thriving health resort, people came from all over the world to partake of the mineral springs that were believed to have healing powers.  The springs are no more, but the magic and appeal of Mentone reamins.

Mentone Magics bath and body products are made using only the finest quality butter and oils!


What I love best about this company is their Margaritaville Gift Set!

You know it's 5 o'clock somewhere, and today, it's actually that time here, at the Out Of The Box Sampler Blog!

Want to be wasting away again in Margaritaville? 

Then get entered to win this fabulous gift set from Mentone Magic Bath and Body!

This set includes:
Margaritaville Lotion
Sea Salt Soap
Lip Balm

All scented in Margarita, of course!

One winner will be chosen using Rafflecopter.  Prize is valued at $15.00.  Giveaway is open to US residents only.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Six White Ties "Pamper Mom" Giveaway

Jenifer, the owner of Six White Ties is letting us host a giveaway for her shop!

I LOVE giveaways and being able to spoil our fans at Out Of The Box Sampler....so let's get started!

Six White Ties would like to pamper you "MOMS" out there.  They know (and so do I) how important a little me time can be, to just recharge your battery, so you can tackle the next thing on your list!

A pampered mom makes for a happy home!

So, up for grabs are two handmade soap gift boxes!  You know what that means....two boxes is two winners!  (I can almost hear your bath water running already ♥ )

Each box set is valued at $20.00.  This giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents only.

Giveaway ends May 7th, so get entered below. 

PS. They will have another giveaway when their Facebook page reach 100 "likes" too!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Better Body Better You Giveaway

Amber, the owner of Bettery Body, Better You, is letting us host a giveaway for her...

Summer Body Shape Up Giveaway!

Is your body bikini ready? It can be with their Ultimate Body Applicator!

The Ultimate Body applicator is a non-woven cloth wrap that has been infused with a powerful, botanically-based formula, to deliver maximum tightening, toning, and firming results where applied to the skin!

*Tightens, tones, and firms
* Minimizes cellulite appearance
* Improves skin texture and tightness
* Mess-free and simple to use
* Results in as little as 45 minutes
* Progressive results over 72 hours
* Made with natural ingredients

and it's Easy to use!

Ultimate Body Applicator is valued at $25.00!

One winner will be chosen!

Giveaway ends April 30th!

Open to US and Canadian Residents only!

So simple to enter....just like their Facebook Fanpage!

Good luck!

Imaginary Bee Giveaway

Imaginary Bee is having a giveaway!

You could win one of their Roll On Perfumes valued at $8.00!

One lucky winner will be chosen on April 30th and there are plenty of way to gain entries! This is open to US residents only.



Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Good Karma Eco Shop Giveaway

Guess who's coming to the May Out Of The Box Samplers?

Yep, it's Good Karma Eco Shop!

I'm so excited to have another "new to us" company to share with you all.  Tammy, the owner has decided to let us host a giveaway for you too!

Look what's up for grabs:  A 1 pound bag of Bath Salts, in your choice of 4 different scents!
A prize valued at $18.00...and this giveaway is open to US and CANADIAN residents!  Two winners too!


SandiPops Giveaway

Got Chocolate?  

SandiPops Lollies does, and they are holding a giveaway, so you may have some soon too!

This giveaway is for One Dozen Chocolate Easter Lollipops, made fresh to order and shipped directly to you!

One winner will be chosen using Rafflecopter!


Spring Sugar Scrub Giveaway

Welcome Sugar Scrub 4 U to the Out Of The Box Sampler!  Leah, the owner will be sending in samples for me to share with all our customers soon.  But until then, Sugar Scrub is doing a giveaway!

Three winners will be chosen:
1st place:  20oz sugar scrub ~ retail value $21.00
2nd place:  10oz sugar scrub ~ retail value $11.00
3rd place:  5oz sugar scrub ~ retail value $6.00

I'm an absolute sugar scrub fanatic, so this is a fabulous giveaway! (only wish I could enter too)


Back Home Scents & Suds ~ March Box Sponsor

Have you checked out the March ~ Death By Chocolate box sponsor yet?

If you haven't, jump over to the Out Of The Box Sampler website and meet:

 Rhonda, the owner of

And check out her cool product video on our YouTube Channel!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Soap Bubble Jewelry Feb. Box sponsor

Click on the link to see our Feb. Box Sponsor's Video!

Soap Bubble Jewelry

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Muse Minerals Giveaway


Muse Minerals is having a giveaway on their blog!


GIVEAWAY TITLE:  Besties Forever ~ 4 Faves Palette Giveaway

DESCRIPTION OF GIVEAWAY:  "I'm giving away a limited edition 4-color pressed palette, featuring four of my most popular shades:  Halo, Pumpkin, Not to Trot, and Envy Me!

VALUE:  $15.95

GIVEAWAY END DATE:  January 20, 2012


OPEN TO:  World Wide

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