Friday, February 13, 2009

Do you have the winning numbers?

I've finally gotten the winning numbers up on our blog! It's been a really long week here and I've been sooooo sick. I apologize for the delay in posting but trust me, this prize is worth it!

And the winning numbers are...2028316

Okay, tell them what they've won...

If you are holding the winning raffle ticket, you will get this awesome FULL SIZE bundt cake electric candle from

Ugly Duckling Designs!!!

This candle comes scented in scrumptious "Sweet Treats." It's made as an electric candle but comes with 6 wicks for burning if you choose. You just have to take out the electric components and light it up!

So if your the winner, just email me at and let me know. I'll get this prize right out to you!

Don't forget about our other ways to win a FREE March sampler box too. Just go to our NEW Forum at 2 Crazy Chics and post reviews of the cool samples you received in your February boxes from Out Of The Box Sampler. Or, if you have a blog too, just write a blog post about your Feb. sampler box and email me the address and I'll get you entered into the drawing to win.

That's 2 ways to win next months box! So don't wait around here! Get blogging and reviewing!


Woods Homestead said...

Ok I give where is the numbers...LOL

Out of the Box Sampler said...

So sorry, I forgot to put them in when I first did the post. LOL They are there now though!

Olenka said...

aww chucks so close kinda lol if i make my own ticket and type that number into it will that count ;0) good luck to everyone!

Woods Homestead said...

Well geezzzzz...only 2 numbers off...oh well maybe next time....Congrats to the lucky winner...

Lisa S said...
Posted about my box! Wasn't sure where I was supposed to notify you for the drawing.

webinzz said...

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Sandy said...

Sorry to hear you've been sick, hope it wasn't the flu and hope you're feeling better soon.

welcome mats always out, do stop in for a visit.

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