Friday, January 30, 2009

Check out Sephyrus...

This featured business has been a long time in coming. I've really been behind in my blogging posts but hopefully will get that back in high gear! So let's start off with one of our January contributors to the Out Of The Box Sampler.

Sephyrus is an awesome candle business that you'll just love to add to your list of favorites! They have an Etsy shoppe. You'll find lots of goodies from votives, tealights, tarts, jar candles to bath n body and gift sets.

Their candles are made from all natural palm wax and they use premium, phthalate free fragrance oils. Not only is palm wax beautiful with its crystalized appearance, it also allows the fragrance to smell truer than any other wax base. This means you get a superior candle scent experience.

From the samples they sent in, the scents were just awesome! I especially fell in love with "Snozzberry!" It is a deep berry scent that you just can't quite put your finger on but it's scrumptiously wonderful!

Here's a few others and a couple you might find interesting for Valentine's Day:

First Kiss

Blackberry Sage

Pumpkin Apple Butter

Lick Me All Over

and Spiced Cranberry.

If you can't decide and want to try a little of everything, you can purchase the sampler pack of 12 different winter & holiday scents.

Don't forget to pamper your skin as well with one of the sexy gift sets available. A set comes with a 5oz bottle of lotion and a candle.

These gift sets are called The Kindle Collection and they contains sensually scented lotions and candles designed to evoke a 're-kindling' of romance and passion! So make a purchase from Sephyrus and plan a night in with your significant other. But make sure you have plenty of the Kindle Collection on hand!


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