Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Willow Lake Scents

We're checkin' out Willow Lake Scents today! I just LOVE this business. Heather is the owner and she blows me away with the huge variety of products she carries. Willow Lake Scents has been in the Out Of The Box Sampler for the last few months! It's always a surprise what goodies she'll be sending in for us all to sample.

Check out this gorgeous bag of prim fixins! It's filled with cinnamon sticks, rosehips, putka pods and wonderfully scrumptious scent! You get a full pound and the best part is you can choose 2 different scents if you'd like. Great idea!

Here's a list of some of the things you'll find at Willow Lake Scents:



Soy Tarts

Bath Salts

Aroma Beads

and Lip Scrubs!

Now that's something I had never heard of until Heather sent them in for the sampler boxes!

If you can't decide what you'd like to try, you can always go with a sample pack from Willow Lake Scents. You'll get to pick 5 products out of the 10 they offer! That's a great way to try a lot of their items for just a little cost!

So run over to Willow Lake Scents and pick up your sample pack and more! You won't be disappointed and make sure you tell them that the Out Of The Box Sampler sent you!

One more thing, head over to Heather's blog at Willow Lake Scents Blog! There's always a giveaway going on! Follow her, cause your not going to want to miss a thing she posts! Trust me on this.

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Anonymous said...

OOH my gosh you made my mouth water on those goodies! and I am hungry right now and trying soo hard not to eat!! lol

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