Tuesday, February 16, 2010


hello all you beautiful people!!  

my name is Fawn Wilson
i am a single mother of three beautiful girls
i'm new here at Out of the Box Sampler 
and i am excited to be here 

a little about me:
i'm new at crafting. 
i found my grandmothers sewing machine
in my mothers laundry room and thought right away 
that i would become a seamstress. 
why not, i'm 32 years old. 
never too old to learn new tricks
maybe one day i will venture into sewing 
an actual pattern. i'll let you know how that goes. 

so here at out of the box sampler 
i will be popping in frequently,
almost daily if you can stand it!
i'll be posting about all things cute and handmade.
 things that move me, make me smile. 

feel free to let me know how i'm doing.
if there is something you would like to see featured
or to let us know you love something featured

so who's ready to  have fun?

1 comment:

Out of the Box Sampler said...

I'm definitely ready for some fun! I can't wait to read the new posts from a fresh perspective! Happy to have you writing for Out Of The Box Sampler

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