Monday, February 15, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

As most of you know, I also own a candle business called Ugly Duckling Designs. So today, I'm milling thru all my supplies and racking my brain for some cool St. Patricks Day items I can whip up. In this business, you have to stay a holiday ahead at all times. Which, I must admit, I am never ahead in that department. It seems by the time I come up with the idea's, get them made, and take the pictures, the holiday is over. But I just try to stay optimistic and think, "oh well, I'm ready for next year!"
So I thought I'd browse Etsy to see if I'd be inspired by some of the St. Patrick's day goodies available there. Well I found the coolest item! Check this out.

These are available at Paper Planet. The listing says; "This Earth Light is designed with a cutting of pressed clover carefully mounted on a semi transparent spun silk handmade paper flecked with a bits of gold and silver leaf. A handmade paper wraps the glass candle holder. The pulp for this beautiful paper is harvested from sustainably-grown mulberry trees and Kozo plants. Bits of natural green mango leaves and Kozo strands are embedded throughout."
So if your looking for something unique to decorate with or a gift for that Irish friend who needs a little luck sent their way, this is perfect.


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