Saturday, February 27, 2010

Soap, Soap, and more Soap!!

I love it when I get time on the computer to just window shop... and for me there is no better place then to window shop on Etsy. I just scrolled to handmade and then entered "OOTBS TEAM" in the search part and what came up was just loveliness. Soap/tart makers always amaze me with their talent on making a simple soap look more then just an ole boring piece of soap. From Chocolate bars to an actual "drink" these Estians definitely work hard to bring you the best for your dollar.

Just look at these yummy... I mean gorgeous soap!!
Chocolate ice cream sandwiches anyone.
This makes me think of a lemon desert.. or those coconut meringues. 

Need more then just 1 or 2 soaps.. check out this great listing
(Also perfect for St. Patty's Day)
Mint anyone!

Now I saved this 1 listing for last.. mainly because when I saw it I could not believe it.  How in the world was this Esty seller able to create such coolness!!!  I will never know since me and soap... not a good thing when it comes to making it lol  But just look at this... 
(My daughter thought I was lying to her when I told her what it was!)
Now this would help me sleep at night peacefully.. the morning would be a struggle tho lol.

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