Friday, October 15, 2010

Uncommon Scents for Uncommon People

We always open our Out of the Box Sampler boxes together, my girls and I. Its fun to see whats in there to start with, then fun to "fight "over who gets what. As soon as I saw the little black box from The Goth Rosary, I KNEW the almost 16 year old would fight to the death for it! LOL!
The packaging, the name, the fantastic slogan... she was hooked! and I knew I would be visiting the website soon for Christmas gifts!
The Goth Rosary carries Rosaries of course, but also some other finely made bracelets, anklets, and some of the coolest chokers! The prices are more than fair for the workmanship and the quality of the supplies used.

One of my favorite finds was the Strongly Scented Liquid Perfumes. These perfumes are traditional old fashioned perfumes. A little dab will do ya! They are very strong and long lasting, making your money go a long way! In addition they are unisex~ I love this! A scent you and the significant other in your life can share! They come in traditional glass bottles in 21 incredible scents and are $35.00 each

We received a set of 3 of these wonderfully original sample vials. They are wonderful! We were all hooked on the Dead on Chocolate... it smells so much like chocolate, you may try and nibble your arm off! My personal favorite was Tea and Sympathy, while the 15 year old loved Cant Wait Demeter! You can try all of these and more in the October special for only $53. 82!!!
It may be a lil bit unconventional for some, but the fragrances are unforgettable, unique and out of the box! Isnt that how we all wanna be?

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