Friday, October 22, 2010

Fantastic Friday Finds :)

Ok, so like i received my OOTBS box this month and WOW!! there is a lot of really neat things in there. It was really hard to choose who to write about 1st, so i closed my eyes and picked up....
This wonderful smelling , lightly lather , rinses off with no sticky leftovers and a soft pleasing scent of "spiced green apple."
the smell of the tea light was a gentle relaxing but had the right amount of strength to it, you just want to hold it and sniff!!!
The lotion is a perfect size to carry in you bag, purse, when ever you may need a bit of lotion. Now that the weather is getting chilly and are hands become dry in these winter months, well

 has the solution for you. Stop by and check out the other wonderful products they have to offer, but for a few more minutes i will be smelling my tea light :)  A wonderful reminder of warmer weather  during these cold months. When you stop by and say hi,  tell her Kim from OOTBS Team sent you :)
Next in this adventure is.....
I never knew you could make a plain old bottle cap into something so cute, whimsy and fun! This is a necklace and it is the charm part, all you need is whatever you would like for the "necklace" part and wham, there ya go a cute piece of jewelry:)

This shop also makes some wonderful jewelry. These two items caught my eye :) the bracelet has such wonderful fall colors, that it would make a beautiful piece to your fall wardrobe. The earrings also would be perfect any time of year, but stunning in this beautiful fall weather. So pop on over to
Be the talk of what goodies you have found! When you pop over tell them Kim from OOTBS team sent you.  :D 
And now for some Love Spell........
this next paragraph came from her site:
"My soy wax tarts are 100% Soy Wax - I use soy color chips to for color to keep the tarts 100 % Soy Wax. Not every scent is colored, and colors can vary depending on the strength of the dye chips. Every tart is triple scented with high quality fragrance oils and will last approximately 12 burn hours."
Her tarts that she sent in to OOTBS Team is sooo  amazing! it is not as strong as the other named brand of "Love Spell" that we all have heard about, but a very pleasing, calm scent. They have also sent in "bubblelicious" tart and it smells just like fruit striped bubble gum!!!   I love these softer scents and the ones that bring back memories :D
unfortunately I do not have pictures :( but they are tarts and tarts can be tarts.  they just smell so good :D
“Proudly participating in the Out Of The Box Sampler!” Check us out for incredible businesses that feature handmade products at  "

so please check her shop every now and then and tell her that Kim from OOTBS Team sent you over :D 
Now as for me I am going to back in my little big OOTBS box.and drink some homemade harvest blend coffee from:

So tonight i will be drinking my coffee & sniffing  my box with all the wonderful things in it.
If you would like to purchase a box stop by the wonderful OOTBS Team at:
Go to the contact page on upper right , and also nose around the site, get to know this wonderful team by clicking on the sidebar links on the left side.
Remember the boxes fly out of here really quick, so grab them while you can :)
Till next time.....   have a wonderful night :)

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