Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Freenzy :)

HI everyone!!  
Hope you all had a WONDERFUL week :)  This lovely Fall weather, crisp morning air...   mmmmm  what not to like about fall.??
Well to start off this weekend I was going thru my love link tabs on my sight  and came across some wonderful shops. 
There were and are so many that i have enough to blog about for a long time :) So you never know when it will be your turn, so keep checking back and watching for what LipSmackinCreations finds :)
 Check out these gorgeous soaps from:
 They have wonderful flavors to choose from, what caught my eye is the fact that they are made with olive oil and olive butter soap. They just sound so creamy and good for your skin. I cant wait to try some of her goodies especially these ones. They also have kool-aide soap!! What a fun idea, and it is sure to make any bath time fun, who can resist "kool-aide" and "kissy face", and "pucker-up" just to name a few :)  
Make your bath /shower time fun and stop by:
 Tell then that Kim sent you over from Out of the Box Sampler team.

Well Well Well, What do we have here?
 check out what Ayala Novelties has to offer in her shop :)
These are the most adorable booties i have seen. They also have boys too, but these are the ones that caught my eye!  Can you imagine giving something like this for a gift?  You will be the one who gave some thought into a gift of homemade :)
How cute to have some roller skates, or mary janes, and even uggs as a part of the little one wardrobe! This shop has matching booties and a hat set too.
Stop by Ayala Novelties at :
Start your shopping now with these exciting gifts and be sure to tell her Kim sent you over from OOTBS team


And now some very captivating drawings from :
Brownie Man
These whimsical drawings are sure to captivate you as well.
CAn you imagine a childs nursery or room with a few of these wonderful pictures hanging on the walls? Such time has been put into these and you can really feel the art work. 


This little dragon is just so adorable and cuddly, such a soft feeling when you look at the work.

 This is the opening page on this shop and i totally agree!

"A magical place where the imagination soars. This whimsical shop features the artwork of James Browne. Items that will be available for sale include original watercolors, limited edition prints, ACEOs, figurines, books and anything magical. Enjoy!"
 So why not imagine, soar, go for the beauty of a child's mind. 
Visit this shop and feel the magical place, once you do you will want some of James Browns art!! So stop by and visit this magical land of art :)

Lots of things to see, tell them Kim from Out of the Box Sampler Team sent you.

I hope you enjoyed these shops as much as I do. I love finding new and exciting things, the hand made world of goodies is out there, sometimes you just have to take the time to shop. Imagine the money and time you will save on gas, food, running here and there when you shop from the handmade community ? You will get interesting , made with love products! I can't wait to get my shopping started with some of these amazing shops :) So stop by & shop by  handmade. Don't forget that you can purchase a sampler box of many different handmade items from:
So stop by there today and get your sampler box before they are gone!
Enjoy your fall weekend 
from Kim @ LipSmackinCreations 
& a proud member of 

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