Monday, October 4, 2010

Look what's raining down on OOTBS team :)

Well to start off the wonderful day is a cute little shop called:

In September's sample box, I received the cutest little wooden heart magnet form this shop :)
They have a variety of wonderful magnets in the shop, kids of all ages love to have their art work, important papers, ect... displayed so grab some magnet with style!!
  It is delicate but strong, cute but simple, and sometimes the simplest of things add beauty. This is on my refrigerator holding up some lovely art work done by a little one :)
 Check out all the other wonders this little shop has, for those of you who are in need of something unique, handmade and one of a kind stop by 

What a great way to express the care you took in finding that "perfect" gift  for someone with a handmade tag attached! This is a wonderful simple but thoughtful way to "tag" your gifts. 
This shop has a nice variety of tags to choose from.
Need a special card?
Want to brighten someones day? Share a smile, laugh or catch up?
the pink dillo has cards to go, from mini to regular size. And i see they do custom orders! 
Jazz up your next invite by using 
Stop by this shop and tell them Kim from OOTBS sent you!!
Next on our tour is.....
When you enter this rustic primitive sight you will be amazed at all the goodies they have to offer!
On the Left side bar is so many goodies to choose from, you won't want to leave this shop! 
They have the cake candles and if you are someone who loves the old country look feel, and smell of a country comfort home here it is. 
The variety of things in this shop is amazing and you will sure to find something for anyone here!


This shop has got it all the way from grubbie, dipped, melted, handcrafted one of a kind ornaments. Check out these hand crafted pine cones, for the Christmas ornament collector this is a great one to have. Ornaments are a great gift to give to anyone on your list.
 And who says the Christmas smell and feel have to leave when the holiday is over? I keep a mixture of this around my home all year!! What a great way to remember that a giving time is not just  at Christmas but everyday! Everyone seems to love this , they will pick things up and smell them. So freshen up your country home with love and sprinkle some of this around in a dish. Add as candle in the middle and wow you have got a great centerpiece!!
Stop -n- shop at :
Start now before the rush hits, and be sure to tell them Kim form OOTBS team sent you  :)

And now for a warm relaxing cup of tea /coffee!
check out:

 Long drive?  Coffee getting cold, plug it in! 
  Never again will u have to worry about it getting cold at the last drop! Check out the many accessories they have.
They also have a variety of delicious teas, coffees, hot chocolates and gift packs as well. You can grab a variety of mixes to try out and see what your favorite is.   
Great for gifts, do you remember your 1st tea set when you were little? Well you can share the joy with a little one with a tea set from:

They have a child's tea set ,and some tea to go along with it ! Now you and your little one can relax with a good book and drinking tea. What a wonderful day it can be with some tea :)

Now looking at this shop is making me want more coffee! So i must go brew a pot :)
So grab something warm and shop around! Get those gifts out of the way and enjoy shopping, but first you must buy for yourself some goodies from:
So you can put up your feet in a nice warm cozy home, drinking a nice cozy warm cup of coffee, and visit the handmade community and SHOP!!

When people start to complain about the shopping ,just think you are already on it and no STRESS :)  
Visit the shops above and tell them that Kim from OOTBS team said Hi:)

Go ahead and order a sampler box from :
you'll be pleasantly surprised at all the goodies you will receive in one lovely box,
I know I am :)

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