Saturday, December 27, 2008

Just too sweet

I thought you all would like to see our "little guy" that has lost his binky. Isn't he just adorable! His name is Chase and he just turned two.

I know what your thinking, don't say it... he really shouldn't still have his binky, but I'm a softy, he's our fourth and last boy (and no, we're not going to try for a girl) and I just can't seem to say no yet.

For those of you who are wondering why I'm posting about this and you haven't been reading our blog lately, here's the scoop...I was packing all the sampler boxes for December and had them all spread out all over the dining room. Chase decided to toss his binky right into the middle of them. We haven't found it since, so I'm assuming it's in one of the December sampler boxes that were mailed out. So we thought it would be cute to run a contest to win a FREE January box if you found Chase's binky in your December box. It is his favorite one! Don't worry though, no toddlers were harmed in the making of this contest! We have replaced his "lost" binky with a new one!

But, no one has claimed the winning prize yet. I think it may have gone to binky heaven! If you found it in your sampler box, please email us to claim your free box. Of course, we'll need a picture of it to verify that it's the ONE.


Duni said...

LOL! Great post! Cute pic!
I do hope someone finds his binky, though...

Janette said...

He is so cute!!! And don't worry to much about being the softie. I was always that way with my boys and they are all softies when it comes to me. You get what you give!

I Love your Out of the Box Samplers and I am going to Blog about the products!

Thanks Again

WillowLakeScents said...

OMG Michelle ~ He is the cutest !! I hope ya find the Binky !!

Peggy said...

He is adorable

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