Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gourmet All The Way!

The Gourmet Bath Shoppe was is one of our box sponsors for the October fall/Halloween sampler boxes. They sent us 80 big soap samples and 2 full size bars to give away! There are still a couple Oct. boxes left if you'd like to try their wonderful samples! You can buy a box by clicking on the link to the right of this blog!

I wanted to share with you the awesome interview I had with Michelle from The Gourmet Bath Shoppe...

1. How long have you been in business?

16 years

2. Tell us a little about your products that you sell.

I make a little bit of everything! I don't get to take a bath often, mainly showers so I try to make luxury products for those of us always in a hurry. So I created shower smoothies (scrub bars) and shower butters. I also make shampoo bars and now solid conditioners for your hair. I am also working on a liquid conditioner for your hair. I love R&D, that is my favorite as I can really get my creative juices flowing.

3. what is your best selling item?

My Frosted Sugar Soap!

4. Do you have a brick and morter store or an online business?

I would love to have a brick and morter store, but for now I am online.

5. Do you wholesale your products?

Yes, I do!

6. Are your products available anywhere else. (retails shoppes, etsy, ebay etc.)

I am on Etsy, and have only recently made my products available for wholesale, so hopefully I can get some retail shoppes!

7. How did you decide on the name for your business?

I love handmade luxurious bath items, so the word gourmet just seem to fit the picture. I don't make just soap, so I incorporated the word bath to hopefully let people know that it includes everything for a relaxing bath. I also use things like Mango butter, shea butter and things of that nature so I felt that it leant to the Gourmet Bath name.

8. What do you want others to know about your company?

We are a family company! My husband helps as do my daughters and now my 8 year old step-daughter in getting into it. She likes to come up with new ideas for soap designs. Also things do not site on my shelves for any length of time, except for soap which ages for 6 weeks before I ship anything out. But everything is made to order and tends to take time.

9. Where do you see your business going in 5 years?

I hope to be doing this full time or close to full time in the next 5 years. Things have really started to take off for me this past year. Not sure if I will have a brick and morter store by then. but we will see.

10. Tell us a little about yourself?

I am 40 years old, and I have 6 kids between mine and my husbands (we each have 3 each). I work full time outside of the house as well as do my soap business. I love to read, when I get the chance, and I like I said before I love the R&D process. It is very easy to get burned out with anything life, and you need to keep the sparks flying!


shweetpotato said...

omgosh your blog looks FABULOUSSSS!! So professional,Im jealous hehe, still peaking around :D Lovin it, Carm

Peggy said...

Wonderful site, I don't know how you do it all.

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