Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Men's Father's Day Sampler Box Giveaway


#17 Josh and Jennifer


I'm really excited about something new we offered this month at the Out Of The Box Sampler.  We women aren't the only ones that deserve a little pampering, so I put together a Men's Father's Day sampler box for June!!
I was so surprised at what samples came in for these boxes.  I really shouldn't say samples, because most of them were full size items!

Each box contains one item from each of the following businesses:

(a full size bar of Honey Brown & Shinner Bock Beer soap)

(a full size chocolate dipped pretzel rod, says #1 dad on it)

(cute mini Father's Day card)

(Big sample bar of Light Mush Shaving Soap)

(sample size bar of green tweed soap with cute father's day poem)

(Frontier Cowboy shampoo soap chunks & deodorant sticks)

(Father's Day gift enclosure cards and tags)

(Olive Oil & Shea Butter soap in woodgrain scent)

(either a soy candle tin or room spray in leather scent)

(Blue Rose Body butter tub)

(full size 11oz jars of Chipolte Orange Onion Jam, perfect for grilling)

(2 pack of cologne spray and soap sample)

(full size Father's Day card with matching envelope)

(dog treat for a man's best friend)

(4 oz body spray in "Tommy Boy" type scent)

These boxes are so full, I can hardly get them tied closed!  There are just a few of them left, so if you're wanting to spoil your man, your dad, your grandpa, run over and get one at Out Of The Box Sampler.  They are just $22.50 and that includes shipping within the United States!  We do ship to Canada for an additional $10.00 or anywhere else internationally for an additional $28.00!

BUT, I thought it would be fun to give one of these Father's Day boxes away on our blog. 
I'm going to make this really simple too.

Here's how to enter:
Just leave me a comment and tell me why the man in your life (the one you would give this box to if you win) deserves this sampler box. 

Giveaway ends June 14, 2010 (11:59pm EST).  One winner will be picked using random.org.  I will post the winner here and also email them.  Winning box will be shipped directly to the recipient that you choose.  I will attach a note so they know who it's from.  The winner will have 24 hours to contact me with the shipping  information or another winner will be choosen.

Good Luck!


Marci said...

been married 15 years and he's a great Dad and husband! :)

Mandii said...

He's such a wonderful dad to our two little boys, works long hours and after the boys are asleep, still goes out on ambulance calls with the corp he volunteers with so he can help others.

Anonymous said...

He goes above and beyond to take care of our family!

r0b0tj0n3z [at] yahoo dot com

jellybelly82158 said...

I have been married 25yrs come Dec. I have been disabled 20 yrs of that time. My husband has been great. He works 12hr days and come home and cooks so that I would not have to stand up to do it. It is really painful for me to stand. He is great to me and will tell anyone that I am the love of his life.

Maggie said...

Our 10 year anniversary is coming up in August and we can't go away together because my 14 month old is still nursing. And my husband is happy she is. We have so much fun together. He makes sure I'm pampered, but he doesn't usually get to be. Thanks for the giveaway!

Nanbon44 said...

My husband would be the man to receive this lovely box. He is so gentle and caring. He has two daughters, and he and his first wife had adopted 4 daughters, plus they were foster parents and most times had at least 14 teenagers in the house at a time, all girls with one little boy, poor boys were so out numbered. I am the second wife, and we still keep in contact with his Ex and her husband, plus most of the foster kids and of course all the adopted girls and 21 grandchildren. My husband spoils us all. He supports all my charity projects (I make quilt, he buys the supplies). He also helped with all my charity events when for my job I was in charge of for our small community ,all the ladies wanted a man like mine, so that is a great compliment to him.

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

I would love to give this to my hubby to say thanks for being such a great dad to our 5 kids!!


Sadia said...

My husband is a stellar Dad to our daughters, whether he's home with us or parenting from overseas. When he has a rare day off, he spends the day with them at the park, even though he loves to golf.

Ebie said...

not sure if i would give to my dad or my husband, but they both work hard and deserve the occasional pampering


primpickins said...

My husband is an awesome father to our 5 children. We are a blended family -- his two, my two and then our baby girl that is ours together. He treats all of them as if they were his very own by blood, and he has the patience of a saint. He took me and my 2 children in when we had no where else to go, and through the years, he has been there through thick and thin. He tells our children at least once EVERY SINGLE DAY that he loves them. And he waits to hear it back from them, and they always say it back. We have teenage boys that will look their daddy in the eye and say, "I LOVE YOU DADDY". That alone is enough to earn my husband the Father of the Year award. :o)

Emmy T said...

My hubby needs a Box Sampler, because I have already received 2, and he looks jealous every time I open them! He is also a great husband, and a good daddy.

Angelia said...

Deciding to be with a single mom could not have been an easy decision for my husband. Only 24 when we met, he could have chose not to tie himself down and yet, he chose us. :) We have been married for only 4 years, but together for 6. He has been a wonderful influence in my daughter's lives and just this year, at their request-he adopted them. He's a wonderful man and I'm a very lucky woman.

Stephanie said...

My daddy (yes I'm 27 and still call him daddy) deserves this more than most. He is a hard worker, sometimes working 7 days a week for 12 hours a day, to provide for his family. Although he is rough and tough, he has a sensitive side and deserves a little pampering every now and then. This would be absolutely perfect for him!

Ginger said...

His back has been hurting real bad and i think a little pampering could help him a lot.
cyclona66(at) aol dot com

Jenny said...

My husband deserves the box because he is a great father & husband! He works 40 hours+ a week so I can stay at home and raise our daughter and baby-to-be, and also finds time to contribute to the community as a volunteer Sheriff Deputy. I love him! :)

moushka said...

My hubby is my best friend/soul mate and a wonderful daddy to his girls! I couldn't have asked for a better man!

Josh and Jennifer said...

My dad has been married to my mom for 26 years. He's a great father figure to my nephew, a hard worker, a comedian, and puts others above himself. On top of that, he's hard to by for lol. I'm always at a lost for the perfect gift for him :)


Yona Williams said...

My sweetie deserves the box cause he's always full of surprises and never fails to please. Email: yona(at)pricelesswriters.com

The Beauty Pirate said...

i would give this box to my husband, because he puts up with my "Beauty Pirate" silliness, and he deserves to finally get something for HIM!

Jessica said...

I would give this to my dad because he is the BEST FATHER in the whole world! He is incredibly supportive and would do anything for his family. He has sacrificed so much for us, and repeatedly says that all he wants is for us to be happy and have fun. He keeps telling me there is nothing at all he wants for Father's Day, because he has the best gifts - my mom, me, and my sister, and our two cats!

The Prickly Pinecone said...

I would give this to my husband. He has been such a huge support and now we are going through some tough times he could do with a lift!


- Marybeth I. said...

All the stuff I win via giveaways or receive via blogging is for me or the girls. he would LOVE to get a surprise in the mail.

Kathy said...

My husband is a great father - he does the whole evening routine every night with our son - bath to bed and loves every minute of it!

jakiesmom said...

he's a great dad, and son in law..he took in and walked my parents dog all winter while they vacationed in the warmer climate
nannypanpan at sbcglobal.net

Hannah said...

I would give this to my fiance. He is so supportive of me and it would be nice to surprise him with something small.
Hannah C
psychopathicpixie @ yahoo

Michelle said...


Happy June to you...well I would give this to my Dad who is a great Dad and took the time last Fall to drive me last Fall for several appts & tests at Roswell when I had a cancer scare. Thank goodness it was nothing to worry about but at the time it was very stressful. Also, he could use a pick me up right now as his younger sister just passed from a long bout of cancer and his brother's wife is in treatment for it as well...
Happy Father's Day to all those wonderful & loving Dads out there...

andrea v said...

My husband works so hard and is gone 5 days a weeks from us. The two days he's home he watches are two kids instead of sending them to daycare. He is so good with the kids and I've learned alot from him
vickers at comcast dot net

Michelle B said...

Because every dad deserves a special treat on fathers day

trixx said...

I'd love to give this to my dad. Every guy needs sweet treats too. =)

Tylerpants said...

This would be wonderful for my husband. He works hard & deserves som pampering goodies! tylerpants(at)gmail.com

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