Saturday, January 8, 2011

sharing a snow day :)

WOW, can you believe it is JANUARY already, and the Sampler boxes SOLD OUT !!!!   make sure you sign up for your Feburary box, the "Giggle Theme" !!  Oh soooooo can't wait to see what is in this box!!!  Keep in mind, it will be a bit mature but with a PG 13 rating,  ideas are running thru my mind as we speak! hahahaha :P
So to get this on a roll, sign up today to either be a buyer or to join the box.  You can find information here at :
Check out the tabs on the left hand side :) 

Stop by and become a fan of:
 Out Of The Box Sampler on FaceBook.
 Cant wait to share some OOTBS shops with you.
But untill they arrive, Enjoy some of my favorite shops!!!


Hope everyone enjoys your day:) and remember to support and shop homemade!! your items are made with passion, and lots of love, so stop by and say HI to the shops and take a few minutes to explore all the wonderful things etsy has to offer in the hamdmade world  :D
Kim from LipSmackinCreations

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jindi said...

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