Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sneaky Cakes Giveaway

Sneaky Cakes...."Now you see them, now you don't."

This is a yummy edibles company that's based in British Columbia.  We, here at Out Of The Box Sampler, have been fortunate enough to receive some of their goodies for our sampler boxes. 
 Just recently, they were our June Box Sponsor.  Which means that I have a couple items up for giveaways from the lovely "Sneaky Cakes" company!

You'll find one giveaway here, on our blog and the other on our Facebook Giveaway App.  So that's two chances for you to win!

Up for grabs is a two pack:

Great Canadian Beer Can Chicken Rub
Best Wedding Ever Rub.

These both smell absolutely delicious, but I can tell you that I've actually used the Chicken Rub from a previous sample that was sent for Out Of The Box Sampler.  I just coated some boneless chicken strips and cooked them on the grill.  So simple and oh so scrumptious!

The Wedding Rub says it's great on pork, or chicken and even sprinkle it on popcorn!

Sneaky Cakes is a great company to add a little sweet or a little sassy spice to your life.  Be sure to check out all the products, that are available, on their website:


Tracy Heyer said...

Hummingbird cupcakes look yummy!!

Double J Candles said...

Greek Chicken - Kota Tis Skaras Marinade Blend sounds delish!

Berry Campbell said...

classic italian cream cake yum!

Halie West said...

i want to try the malt ball explosion cupcakes!!

Amy Snell said...

Lemon Bars <3 Yum!!! Perfect summer treat :)

Shweet Sandi said...

Lemon Bars look mouth is watering looking at all the shweet goodies. Sandi

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