Monday, November 18, 2013

The Soap Witch Bath Company "Spa In A Jar" Giveaway

I think this is the coolest product that I've seen in awhile.  It's a "Spa In A Jar!"

Let me tell you a little about the shop first and keep you in suspense, and your mind turning gears on what the heck that could be.

Alura is the owner of the Soap Witch Bath Company.

Her soaps are all natural FARM TO TUB (c2013) soaps using fresh organic goats milk, all organic herbs, 100% organic essential oils and only natural and organic colorants.

She uses powdered herbs and flowers as colorants. She also uses wonderful exfoliates like sandalwood, jojoba beads, blueberry and cranberry seeds!

Her scrubs are made with either Organic Brown Sugar or Dead Sea Salts.
 She even uses labeling that can be planted to grow N. American wildflowers.

So have you figured out what a "Spa In A Jar" is?  
It's soap, body butter, a body scrub and a lovely sponge, all in one large mason jar!  
All you need is the water in you're own shower and you're good to go!

Up for grabs, with this giveaway, is a Lavender Spa In A Jar.  This is valued at $25.00!

One winner will be chosen....giveaway is open to US residents only

Get entered below...good luck!




Susan Bolden said...

Absolutely love Alura (The Soap Witch's) soaps and I know this is not going to let me down. :D

Deep Midnight Perfumes said...

Good luck everyone! I love every soap I have ever bought from Alura!

Crystal Hollow said...

My favorite thing to use in the bath is handmade cold process soaps always.

Shawn said...

I love soaps and bodywashes with wonderful scents.

danielle nappier said...

I love soaps and bodywashes:)

Teresa said...

I'm betting the Rustic Black Amber Buttermilk soap is to die for!! Am going to HAVE to try it!! Thanks!

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