Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Fickle Faerie

June from Fickle Faerie is our featured contributor today! She has the greatest item for those who want to go "green"! Just think of all those ugly plastic produce bags you fidgit with at the grocery store! Their about impossible to open and they are clogging up the landfills! No more worries, you can get these awesome reusable produce bags from Fickle Faerie.

They come in every color imaginable and in 3 different sizes: Single, Regular and Extra Large! They have cool drawstrings for easy closing too.

I just love the color black, so these bags are perfect for me!

June also makes gift bags for all your holiday needs. Do you want to wrap your Christmas goodies in just ugly paper? No! Put them in these unique gift bags and show your gift's the love they deserve.

There's one more unique item that the Fickle Faerie has that I just learned a new name's the scoodie! That's a cross between a scarf and hoodie. You will love this item and it will keep you toastie on those cold winter snowfilled nights.

What a great gift idea! Grab one for yourself and two for your friends. In doing so, you'll be supporting the "Handmade Revolution"! Take the pledge to buy handmade this year for the holidays!

The Fickle Faerie will be in our November Holiday Boxes, so some of you will get to enjoy and try out those reusable produce bags, then you can stop in and buy some more!


Lisa said...

interesting item ... that scoodie. very practical.

Sanette said...

I love the reusable produce bags. What a great idea!

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