Thursday, August 19, 2010

Go back to school in style with these cool finds!

Hi there!
My name is Angie with Angies Raggedy Patch and I'll be one of the new blog helpers. I am really excited about being part of the Out of the Box Sampler gang! Thanks so much Michelle!

My two girls went back to school today, so I thought it would be fun to find some great hand made goodies sure to make any child feel special on their first day!

Lunch Bag

Isnt this the greatest lunch bag? and its insulated! Made by Maddie Kay Hand Bags. Click to see

Crayon Roll

I wish my girls had one of these for church! It would have been so much easier! Made by Cottage on the Coast click to take a peek

Cupcake Backpack

Cupcakes are so in these days! Your little one will be a hit with this adorable back pack by Stitches from the South! Just follow here
Back to school hand made buttons

They just scream back to school dont they? Think of all you could do with them! From scrapbooking to hairbows, to dollies! Follow this link from Tessann

Book Cover
What a bright and colorful way to keep those paperback library books clean and safe! Made by Creative Moments
Back to school blessings for all the kids heading for thier first day! Be safe! Study Hard!
Make Mom and Dad proud!


Out of the Box Sampler said...

Love the cupcake book bag. Too bad God only blessed me with 4 boys and I know they won't want a cupcake book bag. LOL

angiesraggedypatch said...

Prrrrrobably not, but its still sweet! lol

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