Friday, August 27, 2010

ohhh look what i found :)

Hello to all my friends, my name is Kim and I am a new addition to the wonderful blooging world with OOTBS team!!   So excited to start this new adventure :)
So to start the wonderful world of handmade I would like to introduce:
I have only tried her soaps, they were given to me by a friend and let me tell you I LOVE IT. It does not leave your skin feeling dry, or too oily like some do. The scents I have are not strong, but gentle, mild relaxing scent.
I have the Newtons Apple and the Gravitational Pull .The scents I have are not strong, but gentle, mild relaxing scent.I use every night for about a month now and have had NO reaction and I have sensitive
skin :)

Now  something fun for our little ones to help them get rid of the germies!!   Check out this cute little alien in his little soap ship!!!
What child would not want to wash his little hands? You have to keep using it till the little guy pops out. What a way to start you child on the right track about hand washing :)
So stop on over and tell them Out Of The Box Sampler Team sent ya, plus I hear she has some sale going on!!!!!
One of my favorite shops is :

This shop is awesome, she just added a "Flirty Mama Collection" to her shop and i think I one 1 if not more of each of her Collection!, the scarfs are multi use, wear as head scarf, belt, you be creative and let your flirty mama come out. I have her bags,which are great for grab n go, no need to carry a big purse in the store, multi use, perfect size.

And the most important to me is the eye mask, once again multi use. I keep mine in the freezer for when the headache comes. They fit perfectly on your eyes, and head, not to heavy and they STAY IN PLACE :)  They are also good to use as a mini heating pad, pop in microwave for a few seconds and there ya go!  this is on my can't live without list :)

Then we have Lovely Noggin Toppers! How cute are these little things to keep your precious one's head covered and stylish at the same time!
Grab then now before they are gone! It is a seasonal item so if you miss it you'll have to wait till next year.
HalfPintCreations also added a cute little guy called "Munchsters", I saw a very delighted little one receive this as a gift and it was a hit!!

I also see she has some amazing sales going on now is the time to start shopping for those back to school, for those "must haves."

So surprise some one , lots of awesome finds in the handmade community!!
tell them Out Of The Box Team sent you :)

Thanks for reading and can't wait to share more amazing goodies I have found with you. So spread the word, shop, visit, buy a sample box from OOTBS and enjoy many products what a perfect way to try different things!!

Talk to you soon :)  what will we find next???????


Gazed- Upon Glass, Cosmic Clean Body and Handmade by Celyn said...

I'm so excited! Great way to start the day. Thank you for featuring our soap! I am so happy you like it. :)
You can find us on facebook where we announce specials, sales and giveaways!
I love your favorite shop too! The pumpkin Noggin Topper is adorable!

LipSmackin Creations said...

so to have made your day :)
popping on over to check out you FB page :D

angiesraggedypatch said...

Loved the lil spaceship soap lol!
Great finds!

LipSmackin Creations said...

i know isn't he so cute!!!

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