Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fragrant Memories

I'm comin' at ya with another awesome candle shoppe! I found Fragrant Memories Candle Shoppe when I was searching for businesses to participate in the Out Of The Box Sampler. I was so excited when Donna emailed me back saying "yes", she'd join us. I loved the tart cup samples she sent in. So many different scents and so strong.

Their website is filled with all kinds of tart packages and accessories to fill your home with fragrance.

You'll find clamshells tarts, scalloped tarts and tart cups in 1oz and 2oz sizes. As a matter of fact, they are currently running a "goodbye sale" on their 1oz cup tarts. You can nab a few of your favorite scents for just .90 cents each. You'll have to be quick, before their all gone.

Also, for a limited time only, they are offering a 12 pack of FREE Scalloped Tarts with any product purchase of $35.00 or more. You get to pick the scent too! Can you believe a whole dozen of free tarts. That's the best deal I've heard of in a long time.

Fragrant Memories Candle Shoppe boasts over 160 fragrance choices. I think you might have a little trouble narrowing it down for your order, so let me list their top 10 best selling scents to help you out...

Cinnamon Bread Pudding

Keylime Frosting

Plumberry Spice

Pink Frosted Cupcakes

Apple Dumpling

Sweet Corn Pudding

Egyptian Dragon

Givin' A Peace Sign

Bear Claws

and Holiday Memories.

If you are like so many people I know that don't even own a tart warmer yet, don't despair! You'll have plenty to choose from in their shoppe as well.

I really love the plug in warmers that go right into the wall socket. You can just enjoy one in your bathroom or a hallway with no fuss. Their prices are very reasonable, so you can always pick up 2 or 3 for the house. One can never have too many good smelling tarts brewing.

So why not pamper yourself with a gift basket from Fragrant Memories Candle Shoppe. I love the fact that they let you pick whatever you want in your gift basket and then just shoot them an email for a price quote. That way you can get all the goodies you want in one convenient basket. Or, if that someone special has an upcoming birthday, anniversary or such, send them a goodie basket too.

So head over and check them out, take advantage of all the awesome deals, and be sure to tell them the Out Of The Box Sampler sent you!


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