Monday, January 18, 2010

Tragic Loss, please help

My heart is sad today as I have just found that my friend, Dana from Magick Moon Soapwurks, has lost her husband this past weekend.

He passed away on Saturday morning from an apparent heart attack. He was just 45 years old and leaves behind Dana, his wife, and his 2 sons, Aaron & Kaleb.

Dana has become a true friend over the past year that I have known her. She's been a constant contributor to the Out Of The Box Sampler, as many of you have sampled her wonderful soaps, I'm sure. I feel helpless in this situation and really wanted to be able to help her in some way, deal with this loss. What makes this situation even worse, is the fact that her husband, Lawrence, did not have life insurance. I know that my "Out Of The Box Sampler" family has come thru before when we had the raffle for Erika's Make A Wish. So I'm asking you again to lend a hand because I know you all have heart's of gold.

Dana has setup a "donate" button on her website as a memorial fund to help with the costs of burying her beloved husband. If you would like to help out in some small way, please donate. You'll find here website at Magick Moon Soapwurks.

Thanks in advance!


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LadyRedstone said...

Thanks for the info. I was shocked to read this sad news. I had gotten an email from Dana saying that the shop was closed due to a death in the family but had no idea it was her husband. I sent along a donation and hope that others will help during this trying time.

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