Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mylingy's Purrfect Candles

I've been wanting to post about Mylingy's Purrfect Candles for awhile now, so I thought I'd share them with you today. Donna, the owner, has been an awesome contributor to the Out Of The Box Sampler for a few months this past year and will be joining us again this year. She has an incredible scentlist that boasts 700 fragrances! As a candle maker myself, I can't imagine having that many different scents available. So your sure to find exactly what your looking for when you place an order with her.

She not only has a website but also an Etsy store, where you'll find many specials waiting for you.

You'll find FREE SHIPPING within the United States on all order total's over $15.00! But wait, there's more! From now until February 14th, ALL CANDLES, VOTIVES, TEALIGHTS AND TARTS ARE 22% OFF! Just send Donna an email thru Etsy and she'll setup a special listing for you, with the discounted price.

You'll find that all her products are 100% soy, handpoured, highly fragranced, and made with Lead-free wicks.

I love that there are plenty of different jar sizes to pick from and the tealights, tarts, and votives that are available in 12,6,3 packs or by the single can be mixed and match. Most candle businesses won't offer you that option. So you can tryout a good number of their scents with just one order!

I can honestly tell you that everytime a box arrives here filled with Mylingy's Purrfect Candles for the sampler boxes, the scent's are just awesome. I've heard nothing but good feedback about this business from our box buyers. You should hop on over and find out for yourself what you've been missing out on.


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