Friday, November 12, 2010

Cute ways to stay toasty!

The weather is gettin' a bit chilly out there, and its time for us to be thinking of keeping those digits warm and toasty through the cold winter months. I hit Etsy and found some wonderful hand mades that are sure to keep ya snugly AND looking fun and fabulous!

Is there anything cuter than these penguins?

Made by Critters for your Hands, check out their other critters while your there They are only $14!

Arent these beautiful?
Made to order felted mittens! I think they are gorgeous! Find them at
By aureliaLT for $39
These mittens are screaming out at the lodge gatherin' wood for a fire to me!
Made by Merchant ships, these red felted wool mittens even have a sweet owl charm! I adore them!!!! You can find them at
Classy lil mittens with fingers out so you can hold that cocoa better!
I love these dark green mittens! There are several options to choose from! So make sure to stop by and see all that Laima Shop has~ there is something for everyone! Great Christmas gifts!!!

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