Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Take a peek...

For those of you that have never purchased a box from Out of the Box Sampler, I thought I'd give you a peek into my box from November. It arrives in a priority postal box, that you open to find this....
How sweet is that lil hand made card? Each box is different. Some months they are pink or black... you never know what to expect, and they always have a bow and lil extra on top.
The anticipation builds as you open the box and see the paper filler protecting your samples for this month. You will also find a paper with the discounts that the contributors are giving that month. From free shipping to a percentage off, there are always money saving offers! Not to mention there are always giveaways!... make sure you see the previous post on this blog on how to win!

You pull off the paper, andddddddddd oh! You just cant wait to dive in! Doesn't it look fun? What can be in there! What have they sent this month????

Can you believe all the goodies my box held? There are earrings, lotions, soaps, tarts, carpet freshener, candles, cake toppers... all kinds of fun things! The box also smells AMAZING! Many of the sponsors dont give sample size items, they give full size! Just one box will keep you happy as a clam until next months box!
Make sure that you are on the newsletter list, so you will know of when the December box goes on sale. Look at how much fun I had with November! Dont you wanna have that kind of fun too????
Join us!
You will not be disappointed!!!!

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