Friday, November 19, 2010

Mmmmmm nice cup o' cocoa!

I dont know about your family, but mine has been chuggin' hot cocoa on these cooler nights.Its fun to snuggle down by the fire with a nice mug and watch the marshmallows slowly melt! mmmm!
I thought there are probably some better mixes out there than the boring old store mixes I buy, and are there ever! Look at some of the tasty drinks you can share with your family!
As a choco-holic all I can say is more please! Look at all the cocoa and chocolate chips in there! My mouth is watering for a mug of this from Simply Sweet Cakes

Gourmet White Chocolate Hot Chocolate

I have never tried white chocolate hot chocolate, but this picture sure does look like I need to! You can try some too! From Teton Cocoa Company

Great for gift giving! Made by Mamma Love in a Jar, this would be great gifts for neighbors and co-workers.... or yourself!

I think these are adorable and are great to keep on hand in a basket for those carolers that are sure to come calling! Say thanks and send 'em home with one of these!
Made by Little Beeps

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im zoe said...

oh my gosh, YUM! they just look gorgeous major chocolate craving now :)

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