Monday, November 8, 2010

Gobble, Gobble,Gobble...

WOW, i just received my wonderful sampler box and boy was it filled with so many goodies, Michelle did an awesome job of making it so special, which she does for EVERYBODY, but this one was tide up in a pretty brown sash with a ADORABLE child's  hand print  of a turkey, how 'cute is that!!!!
So now back to the wonderful adventure, I was doing some business stuff and my husband got the box. I asked him to open it up and see what is in it, (Michelle keeps the food packaged separate from the other goods,) so i tell my husband "oh that's food look in there and see. We'll let me say he saw this wonderful treat from.....

So he conveniently pocketed it with saying oh wow this is mine!!!  I didn't even get a chance to see it!! So i said at least let me look at it, well he took the first bite, then showed it to me, the chocolaty, peanuts, covered goodness and the smell of good chocolate as I sniffed it ,was so dreamy !!  Then poof it was gone, he must have seen me drool, so he pop the rest of it in his mouth and said wow, that was good!!!
So as I went to the site
I noticed that they are

Organically & Naturally Homemade...

So Stop By for some goodness at this wonderful shop, tell them that Kim from Out Of The Box Sampler Team and LipSmackinCreations sent you over :)   What a wonderful gift this would make for someones stocking .....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The next goodie is from 

What a nice surprise to find earrings! they are so delicate, stunning, and a eloquent simple pleasure. I couldn't find a picture of the ones i received , but they are a wonderful shade of green, pink gold, it reminds me of a spring day and two beautiful little flowers just waiting for a hummingbird to come take a drink. I can not wait to wear them!!So here are some other things i found in their shop... 

 Look at how they just shine, what a perfect thing to wear for the holidays glam it up!!! People will remark about the beautiful things you are wearing :) They are great for everyday wear or a special holiday, they have many to choose from and colors, styles, seasons,

they are also having a birthday sale!!! yea!! go ahead and buy yourself something nice, you deserve it!

Stop by their shop, say HI and Kim form Out Of The Box Sampler Team & LipSmackinCreations sent you:)


This next shop is so delicate, beautiful especially if you love the crochet, lace doily's

and the simple pleasures that

This beautiful handmade cross book mark was in the sample box, and it was not a small one it was regular size, If you are a reader like me you will absolutely love her book marks!

 These are just a few that caught my eye, I love the dark heart and look how wonderful her center piece is! you can spruce up any table or dresser with something so delicate, but makes a powerful presence!

Now who wouldnt love to receive a handmade gift from her shop. They even have a few orniments! so what a  awesome gift to give this year. So stop by

Do a little early Holiday Shopping , Tell them Hi and Kim from Out Of The Box Sampler Team and LipSmackinCreations sent you :)

More wonderful goodies to share with you , but now off to do some much needed "shop" work. I am going away to a show in Ohio this weekend and whew, got a lot to do. Cant wait for the next blog You guys are awesome, all of the shops who contribute each month is what makes it exciting!! Thanks so much for you goodies and with being one of the writer"s for Out of The Box 

I REALLY love my job!!!! and to get to see and peek into your wonderful shops and find the most amazing things!!!   Keep working and never give up !!  :=D

till later this turkey say, gobble gobble gobble!!!



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Angela said...

HI! WOW! Thank you SOOOO much for those WONDERFUL comments about my goodies! I am so pleased that you enjoyed them that much. (I am blushing) :) I will be doing another three months of treats, so stay tuned for more!
Chocolate Kisses,

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