Friday, March 26, 2010

My Little Chickadee Creations

While doing a little OOTBS Window shopping last week (Or maybe it was this week.. hmm I have such horrible memory!) I came across AngelEllie's Shoppe. I instantly fell in love with her tile coasters. She creates such beautiful art on her tiles and uses travertine tiles from Turkey. "They are strong and sturdy tiles that will last a lifetime. I hand stamp and hand paint each design. I bake the tiles in the oven to heat set in the design so the design can get wet but not smudge. I don't use any kind of chemical sealer because I want these tile coasters to be absorbent." Isn't that awesome! They look beautiful and after reading many of her customers feedback it seems that this is definitely a great shoppe to stop by and just browse.. possibly purchase! Have a wedding coming up? Maybe you want to just send a gift to someone... These would be great gifts!

How adorable are these love owls? I love that!!

Perfect for any type of party not just weddings! Maybe you have a child who is turning 1 and you are throwing a big bash! I bet she can create something perfect to match your theme!!

It is as if she made these just for me ;)

I love this!

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haha~ funny! thank you for your share~ ........................................

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