Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bauble Bath Is Where It's At

I've been wanting to post about this incredible business for awhile.  The world needs to know about Bauble Bath so I'm going to tell you all about them!

I first discovered them a few years ago when I ran across a sale they had posted about on another website.  It was a black Friday sale that was too good to pass up.  So I placed an order for some goodies for myself and a bunch of family members for Christmas gifts (I told you the sale was too good to pass up)!

That was all it took and I've been hooked ever since. 

Sarah is the owner and maker of all things fabulous at Bauble Bath.  It is small company located in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  It was started in the fall of 2004. She believes that "soft, well hydrated skin is a must!"  So she developed a line of products to help you have that, using only the finest ingredients.

 Of course I have a couple favorite items that I'll share with you first...

I love their scrubs texture and they are scented to the max!  If you like a smooth soft scrub, this is for you.  Don't let soft fool you though, this does the job very well and leaves your skin hydrated without an oily residue.  I have ordered gingerbread, sugar plum fairy and birthday cake in the past and loved all three of them.

These babies fill your tub and leave your skin feeling so soft and pampered.  There are a variety of scents to pick from:
Cranberry Fig
Strawberry Lime
Miss Mary
White Chocolate Brownie
Drama Queen
and more!

Let me suggest the sampler to you.  It's the perfect way to try five 2oz mini bauble bath bombs. Of course you won't get the full effect of a full size bomb but these make great stocking stuffers and at just $10.00 you can't go wrong.

You'll also find butters, lip balms, melts, salts, milk powders, foot scrubs and now their solid sugar scrubs too.

Solid scrubs are considered one use scrubs without all the mess of a jar and scooping it out, etc.  Just wet and rub all over! I haven't tried these yet, but they are on my list to get soon.

Then get yourself (or someone you absolutely love) the Bath In A Box!

Just $23.00 and it comes packed with:
A mini bath melt
9oz jar of sugar scrub
and, a 2oz bauble bath bomb

You can get these boxes in Flower, Sweetly Clean or Herbally Yours.

So did I do it?  Did I entice you to place an order? There are free samples sent with every order too!
You can also sign up for the newsletter and be informed of any sales that are coming your way.

Look for Bauble Bath back in our October Boo-licious sampler boxes coming October 5th!
In August they sent in Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Milk Bath's.
In September they sent in full size Miss Mary Mint bath bombs.
I can't wait to see what's coming in October!

Be sure to tell them you found them thru Out Of The Box Sampler!

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Madame Koiteh said...

This is so beautiful. Bauble Bath is a great shop that I love to browse!

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