Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Come down the little dirt lane...

We all are doing our part to save good ole fashioned hand made, made with love, built with pride soaps, dolls,jewlery,crafts, tarts, candles, seasonal items, ornies, prims.... the list goes on and on
Little Dirt Lane Dolls is out to help EVERY crafter get thier hand mades the attention they deserve!
Meet Jess! Jess is the owner of Little Dirt Lane Dolls. you can find her at
Jess is a quirky, crafty, fun, stay at home mom, chicken rangler, doll creator and hand made saver! On her blog you will find the most adorable hand made dollies! Each one made with Jess's signature big round eyes!

There' s a little bit of crafter in every one of us. Some of us take that crafting ability and share it with the rest of the world by offering their hand mades for sale. There are literally thousands upon thousands upon thousands of crafters online today offering their hand made treasures. Jess noticed this... and a big bright light bulb shown above her head!!!!
What if...
what IF all of these crafters UNITED together to not only promote thier own work, but that of OTHER CRAFTERS! As a group, crafters can learn, teach, share and uplift each other... and maybe even earn a few extra dollars off thier craft along the way!

So with this in mind Jess started a brand new group for crafters, by crafters~
Artisans Creating Outside the Lines
You can join this group for free
Meet all kinds of crafters and see thier wonderful hand mades! You will be shocked at all the goodies!

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