Monday, September 20, 2010

Look what is FALLING down here :)

Well, lets just start off with a wonderful big ole' FALL HELLO!!!!  I love the fall crisp air with the morning chill, the leaves changing color, the wonderful smells of fall, not too cold yet, but just enough  of a  chill to want to wrap in something cozy! SO i have found a shop by Anne Quinn.

Her shop is fabulous! She has the newest rave of hats that I have SEEN the teenagers wearing!! Now when you look around they have on the slouchy hats!!!   How awesome they look, and it is stylish. Anne has a huge variety of items in her shop, so take a peek, start looking now for those one of a kind, hand made goodies.
During my peeping around I found something I am totally in love wit!! How many times are we just cold around the neck and shoulders, but don't want that heavy coat or scarf, well how about this SLOUCH :)

I would be so cozy warm and STYLISH!!! this is so cool, that is something you can just snuggle up with and be warm, grab a hat and wow, you have the whole package. Stop by Anne's shop and tell her  Hi & that Kim sent ya from OOTBS team :D She also has a fan page on FB.

Another great find is......
Creations by Nell
I have ordered from her and let me just tell you, my goodies are STILL holding up thru the day to day use they get! they are perfect, and i have had them almost 1 year, they are still awesome!. I have not lost my chap stick  since i have the chapstick key ring holder, I LOVE IT! it is always hooked on the zipper part inside my bag and my chap stick NEVER falls out!! don't know how i made it all these years with out her...

My next to goodies from her are the smaller purse, it fits perfectly anywhere and hold just the right amount of stuff that you need :D I have the dark purple one and it matches it all!! there have been zero holes or snags, they wash well, and still hold shape. I have never put in dryer, i air dry, but they look as good as new.

This is also awesome!! I know a lot of us use liquid soap, but since finding etsy, i have found so many "soap" people that i love, well they usually make bars, well this is the perfect solution!! this is such a cute little 
"soap bag"  a  MUST HAVE goodie from her shop, then you can get a nice variety of soap to try , but not have any wasted small bits, they magically work it's way into the crochet until all done, no slimy bits of stuff and I LOVE IT!!!

stop by Denelle's shop, tell her Hi & once again Kim sent ya from OOTBS team!! :)

 And my last piece for tonight is this very eloquent shop that is amazing!

This shop has some very exciting pieces, and who would of thought that beauty can come out of broken?
Well check her shop out, I am in love with her pieces they take you back to in time, the beauty is still captured and it is wanting to tell it's story!

They seem timeless and will add that element of a place of peace, where natural beauty and gardens abound. I can sit and just look at all the little details she has done, to capture and complement the ":broken" is amazing!

How many of us have a spoon ring? Well I have 1 and found this in her shop and would have never thought about a bracelet!!! This is stunning, (and on a wish list) it is perfect, and what a way to use what you have to make beauty  :D
Please stop in and say HI and tell her Kim sent ya from OOTBS team!!

Remember that when you take the time to look thru these wonderful shop from the handmade world, you are getting something made with love and passion and not "massed produced" like a typical store. I have always had excellent business transaction with the handmade community, and really hate to buy stuff in the "store" any more.... only because you don't get that personal, know it is made with YOU in mind!! So SUPPORT the handmade shops, and start shopping now, while the things are there  :)
 So grab a cup of something warm and start shopping in your comfy home  :)  till next time , ENJOY all the BEAUTY around you!!

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